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  1. 40k each at stock. Call or text #3862304 or email me at APM_Acen#7385.
  2. Have a large budget. Contact 3862304 or email at APM_Acen#7385.
  3. Budget: 1M Send all photos and asking price to my email at APM_Acen#[email protected] ((APM_Acen#7385 on discord))
  4. [LSCIS]Los Santos Citizenship and Immigration Services(taken from real life USCIS) would simply be those that are accepted as quiz graders for letting people into the server. ICly, if someone is accepted, they are given their visa/green card as a citizen of Los Santos. I just think this would be a good way to find good people for quiz grading to keep up with demands of the people trying to get onto the server as well as at least pay the quiz graders' character ICly for doing so. That way they get some sort of compensation. It can have a high XP cap like it does now(15,000 XP to apply).
  5. Near Bahamas Mamas, Hayes Dealership, General Store: MorningWood! Starting bid 235k. Buyout is 300k.
  6. Tell him to contact my email. APM_Acen#[email protected] I can email him about it there.
  7. I have a 1G apartment near High End by Del Perro.
  8. Email me pictures and details at APM_Acen#[email protected] Thank you.
  9. Will pay very well for the right one.
  10. Buying a 1G house anywhere in the city. Contact Email: APM_Acen#[email protected] Contact Phone: #3862304
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