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  1. Hello this is id 29 We talked about this situation in the discord i said that my electricity was out and u gave me 10 minuets to come back and also there was a restart in between the time i was joining, after the restart i came back in the server and we resumed rp. I don't know why u reported me and i don't know why are cutting the text of the discord chat to gain benefit and report me. Here is the chat we had :
  2. Hello sorry for my English last night we had a party and i was kinda drunk sorry for that I do know how to speak English and i do know how to read and write. Why are you trying to be like this, you were the one who pulls his gun out first i was driving and saw you on the street then i come to you to ask a question you just pull your gun out i don't understand why did you do that and when you do that to somebody they won't stand still and do nothing to you cause as it is in the rules if you have read them you would understand that its not a DM. i was able to kill you and i circle around the block to find you after i see you and i get out of the car covering behind the car as i roll in the street you start shooting so you just gave me more reason to shoot you here is the rules if you didn't know : 14. Deathmatch (DM) Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property. So i didn't DM you, you clearly aimed your gun at me in the video. The second thing you saying that i fear roleplayed, Wow i don't get it bro you saying that i shouldn't have aimed at you cause you aimed at me first ! is that your point?! Also we were two guys and you were alone i just shoot at you cause you shot first. And for the radio thing we are not allies with zetas they stopped there cause they saw their enemy simply they wanted to rob jj and he talked it out. Regards, Mahdizarei
  3. first of all - i get out of the car and stay behinde of the car - and waiting for your auction! i dunno why you start shooting and i come to shotfire with ya (If a player informs you that your VOIP isn’t working, you must either fix your VOIP using appropriate commands or use text to deliver your demand(s).)
  4. helIo. im jack jordan my id 12. i was rolling around, then he pulled out his gun, and he tried to gun me down , i was trying to ram him, then i came out from ma car and started shooting at him I had enough reason to pat him down
  5. Hello When he raises his hands i didnt heard anything i just escaped bcause he didnt say anything or i didnt heard that, and when he typed get out of your bike i was really far away from him.
  6. Hello im mahdi_zarei My ID was 107 I wasn't 80. So I'm out of this debate I told "pull over" but I wasn't the one who started shooting I was just writing "get out of your car" and "hands up" and getting ready to write them in the appropriate time Then I saw others started shooting
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