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  1. angelababy

    Angelababy30 - Mary Stuart (Ban Appeal)

    @Lewis @MusketDeezNuts Just as a side note, I did not ran over him three times. I would like to ask for a reduced ban at least as this is my first offense and it was mainly due to computer issue. It has been hours before the last reply, so I am just wondering about the pregress. Thanks!
  2. angelababy

    Angelababy30 - Mary Stuart (Ban Appeal)

    @MusketDeezNutsThank you for your response. However, as I have repeatedly told the other admins, at the time of the accident, my game is having low FPS, so even why I tried to back out from him onto the road, I hit him the second time. Secondly, I shouldn’t be receiving a 48hours ban as a first offense for not understanding what VDM mean in its abbreviated form. As I said I was new to the server, which is why I didn’t realized what VDM meant at the moment.
  3. Account name: angelababy30 Character name(s): Mary_Stuart Admin who issued punishment: Musket Date of punishment: 2019 10 January Punishment received: time ban , 48 hours Reason given for punishment: VDM Your explanation of what happened: When I was driving my money truck to the bank, I accidentally hit someone on the road. This is due to the lag from the low fps issue that I have been having for days. When I tried to back out from the sidewalk after crashing my truck, the person was behind the truck, but I couldn't see cuz my screen was literally lagging with literally not even 10 fps at times. It was an accident and it was not VDM, I don't even know the person as I am new to this server, why would I try to ran over him. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because it was an accident and not intentional.
  4. Hey everyone! I’m looking to buy my first house, price range 60k-80k. Preferably as cheap as possible since I don’t have much money at the moment. Let me know if you have a cheap house to sell! Thank you in advance!