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  1. i really like this idea to be honest, it would also stop people from using their phones and radios while under gun point which would just make the RP better
  2. Account name: sinner Character name(s): Fred Frederiksen Admin who issued punishment: MusketDeeznutz Date of punishment: 19/Jan/2019 17:00 Punishment received: Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment: Attempted RWT | Musket Your explanation of what happened: A picture was sent to a member of staff that supposedly had me asking someone to sell me in-game money for real world money on discord (I have no idea when this happened). After coming off ECRP for the night I was told by my gang leader, that he had been informed by a member of staff that I was being permanently banned. Why should your appeal be accepted?: At no point did anyone message me in game or on discord or on the forums to discuss the image that was sent to staff, at no point was there a forum post that I could reply to. Even after knowing I was banned everyone preferred discussing the issue with everyone EXCEPT myself. and considering I am the one being banned I don't think that is the right way to go about it, and as for the image, I am sure you are all aware how easy it is to fabricate discord conversations. if that one picture is enough to get me permanently banned, that means I could get literally anyone on the server permanently banned. Post any evidence or further details: Do you see what I mean?
  3. hi, I'm Fred Frederiksen. At the time, I was told that i was being detained, and i was in handcuffs and on my knees, a fellow gang member was present but I dont believe he knew that I was only being detained. I did not talk on radio because thats a dumb idea in front of 4-6 cops, and it was taken off me shortly after one of the shootings. As for the escape it only failed due to me not being able to move or get up from being in the /down position. only after being uncuffed and then doing a dance animation and then /anim stop was i able to move again EDIT: If i had been able to move everyone would have known that it was a distraction to get me out of there, but since i couldnt it just looks like DM
  4. I feel like there would not really be a need to refund any pistols as they cost nearly as much as SMG or AKs or shotguns, and are much much more available than them as well, but when it comes to literally shooting 5 guys in the ehad with 10 bullets each with AKs or SMGs, and then dying to 4 shots, that should definitely be refundable
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