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  1. So I upgraded to i5 3570K CPU now running ot 4GHz, still fiddling with some settings, but overall system feels pretty stable. It gives me about twice the speed off the old CPU based on some performance benchmarks. While running GTA, CPU is around 50%, and no issue with object loading times. Sadly game crashes just to often now, but this may be not related to my upgrade as I see other people complaining about it too.
  2. j0seris

    Gta Stuttering

    Couple of days ago I was playing around with graphics settings and running built-in benchmarks. Was using this nice guide of what to adjust first. And what I learned was kind of counter intuitive (in my case at least, I have very weak CPU paired with mediocre GPU): The more I lowered graphics settings the worse things became, what I sow was that lowering load on GPU more load was hitting CPU, on lowest settings stuttering and delayed objects load was the worst, while FPS still was around 60. So I increased graphics settings, FPS dropped to around 40, but overall gameplay was smooth and objects was loading much faster, and CPU load dropped from 100% to around 70%. Not sure what conclusions can one make from all that, is it game using more CPU on lower graphics settings, or something else? Anyway I suggest you check if your CPU is not to much overloaded and maybe you can pass some of that load on your GPU by increasing some graphics settings.
  3. I'm sure upgrading to latest generation CPU would help, but what is recommended minimum? Or is everyone on 8th gen? Biggest problem for me is not fps, it's when I arrive in a crowded place, other players and cars appear only after couple seconds or more. Game objects (buildings, roads, etc.) also sometimes appear only after couple seconds, when I drive fast. I actually never played normal GTA V, so can't tell, maybe I'll try.
  4. j0seris

    Gta Stuttering

    Could be many things, but first of all I would ensure my CPU is on full power all the time, by setting Power plan to High performance or even better disabling CPU Spread Spectrum in BIOS.
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