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  1. There needs to be a Sign sheet, for admins and moderators, saying they will ADHEAR to all rules, and follow them, rather then being lazy, rather than not following them when they are inconvenient. It's bullshit how many of you don't follow the rules, and you know who you are, 100% know exactly who you are. This kind of behavior goes against so many things that I have found littered all over the forums, all over the rules, there is a rule about metagaming, which would directly apply to an admin using their cop lights to go somewhere, and avoid all red lights. Its like looking at the las vegas police department, with their unprofessionalism, their breaking laws, their watching other people break laws, and then only doing what they want. This is a game with Medium rp server with 10 pages of rules. How about a little enforcement? How about a little bit of legit gaming? How about just playing the game following the rules you agreed to, and signed up to play by? It's like you signing your drivers license and then not following any of the laws in the book you read to get your license, but I'm 100% sure you dont stop at stop signs/ground/lights, and if you do, are you stopping before the sign? or creeping into the cross walk? These very realisitic things are indicators as to if someone will follow some rules in a video game based on IRL.
  2. "the manila envelop arrives on the desk of chief of police for the transfer of one 40 year old Deckard Corn from Vice City, as the chief is inspecting the paper work, there are 2, 4 foot by 4 foot card board boxes with recommendations, from all of the VCPD for excellent paper work, dedication to the job, uncorruptable, 120 hour work week awards, key to the city for stopping corruption within the force, trophy for "Most People stunned in a 10 year period with successful arrest and conviction", Most tickets given in a month awards, fills up just one of the boxes by themselves, with a note from Rowe, * he wouldn't let me throw them away, and the whole station is still painted with his awards, hes recovering well, but there is a drive that I have never seen before please help him fit in, he tends to be bit anti social at first, and he can sniff out the corrupt officers like a blood hound, best of luck Rowe*
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