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  1. teokolis666

    Teo_Kholis (Permanent ban)

    i have read the rules and i truly apologize. I believe that my actions were wrong and i want to come back to your server. I enjoyed playing there and don't want to be left out while my friends are having fun there. I had to learn this the hard way,but i believe i've received my punishment already. Getting busted by the cops and admin at once is as bad as it gets,have mercy on me.
  2. teokolis666

    Teo_Kholis (Permanent ban)

    Account name:teokolis Character name(s):Teo_Kholis Admin who issued punishment:PolarBlunk Date of punishment:06/nov/2018 Punishment received:Permanent ban Reason given for punishment:Sexual harassment not willing to rp Your explanation of what happened:Hello,this is my second attempt at getting unbanned in the eclipse rp server. I'll do my best to tell you everything i remember about this situation. I was driving around in my car,making drugs and after making enough i went home to put them safely.I had no clue that i was being followed by a helcopter. After i came back home and put my drugs there i left the house once again and i was instantly apprehended by the police officers, which arrested me.I asked them what's wrong and they told me that, they have evidence that i was making drugs and they followed me. I didn't expect that and went into panic so i said a lot of bad words to the police and the admin.I remember there was a female police officer and i said that i hate female officers. After that we went back and forth exchanging some words and after that i was banned. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I apologize for my behaviour and i will do my best to make sure it never happens again.
  3. teokolis666

    teokolis666 - Teo Kholis (ban appeal)

    why ? in occ i said "i hate police girls and fuck" thats it and for this reason i no have chance back in game ? really ?
  4. teokolis666

    teokolis666 - Teo Kholis (ban appeal)

    how much time should i wait ? until i get answers ?
  5. teokolis666

    teokolis666 - Teo Kholis (ban appeal)

    helicopter follow me near me house, and when i go outsite officers cuffed me.
  6. teokolis666

    teokolis666 - Teo Kholis (ban appeal)

    no i was alone
  7. teokolis666

    teokolis666 - Teo Kholis (ban appeal)

    Account name: Character name(s):Teo Kholis Admin who issued punishment: PolarBlunk Date of punishment:06/nov/2018 Punishment received:Permanent ban Reason given for punishment: sexual harassment asking to be banned Your explanation of what happened: That day before i got the ban i just crafting drugs. Then i back to me house and put all drugs in the house,then i go out of the house and see four officers near my door they take everything from my house i lost my drugs,and then i start rage i said what you doing why you try catch random people, why you not try to catch gangters and other bad guys why me? between four officers,was one girl, i said bad word for that girl OCC. In OCC i write ban me i lost everything and then admin come and i got ban. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I spent alot of time in the game. I really want back in the game. I am not worthy for this ban.
  8. teokolis666

    Searching House

    Hello guys i don't know can i write here or no. Im searching pumpkin house owner if you here pm me
  9. teokolis666

    [SELLING] House 2G

    hello,im selling 2g house near garbage job Fudge Ln 18. Pm me offers.
  10. teokolis666


    still searching pm me.
  11. teokolis666


  12. teokolis666


    searching to buy house near Fudge Lv 2garage i pay good . Reply here or pm
  13. teokolis666


    need to buy comet retro maxed. My number 2601752