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  1. Interesting. But it wasn't the problem which made my game stutter. I think I have figured out recentaly why I was stuttering.
  2. Well, when I reset my windows, I chose to keep all my personal files, so basically I didn't install from scratch, I kept my GTA and other games, but yeah, it did help me at least.
  3. Yes, I have already fixed the problem, the same way you did.
  4. Darkyy

    Add car washes

    Yes, you can do it, but it just too unrealistic. You wouldn't do the same thing in real life, would you ?
  5. Darkyy

    Add car washes

    So today I've noticed that there are no car washes on this server. I hate to see my car looking dirty all the time. So I suggest to add a car wash to the server, it would be a great addition, and I think that a lot of people would agree with me. Do you think this should be added to the server? Please vote!
  6. Hello, my GTA V RP keeps stuttering every minute or so, it freezes for like 5s and goes back to normal, I'm tired of it. Did anybody have this problem and know how to fix it ? (No, it doesn't have to do anything with certain areas in the city, I stutter anywhere I go).