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    [BUYING] Rune Cheburek

    Looking for a Rune Cheburek, leave your offers.
  2. ChillClinton

    Bout to get jumped at the bank.

    I should of recorded because they were BIG MAD.
  3. When you piss off two groups of goons and they find you at the bank an hour later.
  4. ChillClinton

    Mask 7201_7438/Mask 6795_5036 DM/Non-rp

    Lmao these are the guys that RDM'd me at the Del Perro car show cause I talked shit to them in a previous life.
  5. ChillClinton

    Discord Ban - Spade

    This the gif.
  6. ChillClinton

    Discord Ban - Spade

    Account name: Spade Character name: Not Important. Reason of ban: Pasting a gif of Hilary Clinton sucking a photoshopped dick in the NSFW Meme Channel and then calling admins corrupt for deleting it. Administrator(who banned you): Unsure Why should this appeal be accepted? Because I post funny ass memes in the NSFW meme chat and you guys need me, that being said, I won't call them corrupt if they decide to delete my memes.