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  1. Player(s) being reported: Stranger 3777_5306 (135) Date of rule breach: 5/08/2018 Time of rule breach:18:08 PM GMT+2 Your characters name:Milan Kowalski Other players involved:N/A Specific rule broken: VDM - vehicle death match. How did the player break the rule?: I was hiding from guy who was shoting to me for no reason behind the white car. Then, random guy just crashed to me with his tractor. He could see me from far away, but he specially just ran over me. And after he didnt say even 1 word. Probably he was the guy who tried to kill me friend. Evidence of rule breach:
  2. fibble

    Ninja looting?

    Hey, im pretty new in this server so sorry if im not right in this situation. So one guy told me that if u want to loot down body u need to /do checks pocket or smth. like that. When robber shot me down ( i saw him from far away and realised that he will be robber and i tried to run with my van. When he shot me he said that he told me to stay and hands up but i didnt hear that from far away) he ninja looted me without command /do. So im not sure about this but im still reporting him.
  3. Yeah, i passed. Got letter in gmail.
  4. Ohh, okey then. Am i going to get notification somewhere when the quiz will be checked?
  5. Hey, today i passed first part of the quiz, and completed second. To pass second, i need administration agreement. Now, im waiting for about 10 hours already, is it normal waiting time? Thanks for answers. Milan Kowalski.
  6. fibble


    My english isnt perfect, but i passed. In my opinion people from about 15-16 years old should pass it easily.
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