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  1. Ben_Shelby

    Looking to buy a supercar.

    Looking for a supercar! Budget is around 2m,please post your vehicles picture and the price tag on it
  2. Ben_Shelby

    Mask 4540_5928 Non rp

    I read the rules,the guy is right. I did not know about this rule but this ain't an exception. We were in a gangfight and they tried backstabbing as you can see they came from the back and got out of the vehicle so they got sprayed down instantly because we had previous interaction. All i am asking for is a warning instead of a ban,this will not happen again,the gaming instinct of healing ability shot in my head and that's the reason why i did it. Apologies,my fault.
  3. Ben_Shelby

    [SOLD] Specter Custom

    Will buy for 455 🙂
  4. Ben_Shelby

    [SOLD] Specter Custom

    So? Does 450 fit you
  5. Ben_Shelby

    [SOLD] Specter Custom

  6. Ben_Shelby

    [SOLD] Specter Custom