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  1. Looking for a supercar! Budget is around 2m,please post your vehicles picture and the price tag on it
  2. I read the rules,the guy is right. I did not know about this rule but this ain't an exception. We were in a gangfight and they tried backstabbing as you can see they came from the back and got out of the vehicle so they got sprayed down instantly because we had previous interaction. All i am asking for is a warning instead of a ban,this will not happen again,the gaming instinct of healing ability shot in my head and that's the reason why i did it. Apologies,my fault.
  3. Yeah,we stood there for like 15mins. theres no chance that 4 people crash at the same moment and no timeout sign. However,by now my pc is broken so i don't have any evidence. UNLESS that is important which i think isnt important in this case you can wait and hold this report till my pc is fixed.
  4. The one thing you don't understand is that administrators can check logs 🙂
  5. Player(s) being reported: Mask 144_2492 , Mask 5300_2995 , Mask 2473_2577 Date of rule breach:8/18/2018 Time of rule breach:00:15 - 00:30 in-game. around 7:45AM irl UTC+2 Your characters name: Ben_Shelby Other players involved: Denis (9093_6201) Specific rule broken:6.6.3 5.4.2 < no evidence of him dying the first time,but why would we go looking specifically for them? You've the logs,they also mercy killed him. 6.6.3. In the instance that you have committed any crime where another player was a victim that may want revenge, it is prohibited to log out or switch to another character for 15 minutes. 5.4.2. NLR means that the deceased players do not remember anything involved in their death, and other people would assume that person is dead and would not bring up the situation to that player. It is as if they are a new person, and any grudges/IC dislikes of the players involved in killing you should be dropped even if you’re upset with them OOC. It is up to players to decide if they wish to erase positive / regular memories between the parties also. How did the player break the rule?:First rule break was NLR ,they four hopped on me alone i managed to kill one of them and run away > I GOT KOS ON THEM. Then i called my friend told what happened and hence they stole my car because i ran into a building so i don't die they stole my car,Denis arrived and we went to all chop shops untill we found them,they had already chopped my car ,and after this you see everything,the video starts 20 seconds later they chopped my car. I sadly don't have video of this part but you can see logs,it was around 00:00 in-game. Evidence of rule breach: LINK OF THREE GUYS LOGGING OF , LINK OF SINGLE GUY LOGGING OFF .
  6. Sorry for interrupting. But his car aka G-Wagon is made exactly for ramming. It has the metals around the car and stuff.
  7. Account name: vladimka123 Character name(s): Ben_Shelby Admin who issued punishment:NOBODYLTU Date of punishment: 2018/08/10 Punishment received: Deathmatch. (DM) Reason given for punishment: Forum report,the guy was salty even though it's a game bug that he didn't hear me. Your explanation of what happened: We were chilling and looking for this guy,he had been trying to rob houses for like 30 minutes in our block,we first saw him when we with some fellas went to get some guns out of the house,we saw him camping around the corner,aswell i had an online neighbour that we tried to rob - HE CALLED COPS ON US.(15:30min in video) , then we ambushed him (went away for 3mins and came back) HE WAS ON TOP OF MY HOUSE?! it's a reasonable cause to shoot someone IRL so how is it not a reason to shoot someone in-game? OK OK then he had already called cops on us,isn't that a reason to shoot him? I've been banned 2 days now,but i just can't stand the unfairness. (18:56min in video) you see me talking ,he doesn't hear me,ok bug? I'm talking again 19:31min in video ,he doesnt hear me again? Why am i banned? Why should your appeal be accepted?: It should be accepted because this is unfair,i've the perfect explanation and shooting someone for calling cops/trying to rob your house is a decent reason to do so,it wasn't even a kos . Post any evidence or further details: 15:30 18:56 19:31 ,boom banned.
  8. I really doubt that a streamer which YOU WERE streamsniping half of his streaming time would commit a rule break in front of 100 viewers. It wasn't even the crime scene and he came after a good 20 mins which is basically the same,he did not come instantly.
  9. No,i don't record everything. However if you don't have it either please remove my warning hence it's not fair.
  10. AMAZING FEAR-RP I was screaming to stop,although you were on my property and i have the full right to shoot whoever i want there,however running from four people and expecting to survive isn't the smartest idea buddy,also my friend mentioned in the video that i shouted.
  11. Account name:vladimka123 Character name(s):ben'shelby Admin who issued punishment: lewis Date of punishment:7/27/2018 Reason given for punishment:DM Your explanation of what happened:I've no idea,i want to see the evidence of what i did,because i play by the rules. ? Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because,i've no idea what happened,i just got banned straight,the administrator ignored me in his DM's for 3 hours now. I'm trying to escalate things out. Post any evidence or further details: got banned without even saying a word. 24hrs
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