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  1. Hello! Been roleplaying for several years, maybe only about eight or nine (max), but I had no idea that there was a way to realistically and comfortably roleplay in GTA V until just recently. My interest's been piqued, but I have not roleplayed in large groups for some time and have grown rather crowd shy. I used to run a bar/tavern with a very small guild in Final Fantasy XIV, and have admin'd for a few communities in aforementioned game, as well as World of Warcraft, though this isn't to say that I'm a know-all-end-all when it comes to RP. Through keeping an open mind and using every event, both positive and negative, as a learning experience, I hope to provide a meaningful and quality roleplay as much as I can. I like to consider myself a stickler for rules while having fun and playing realistic scenarios within those rules, but I am open to criticism (especially if I happen to impede on any guidelines here) and am eager to integrate myself into this community.
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