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    Uhh actually i was outside the city for like 40 minutes (i was tracking the time) after that i came back and then i got ran over And what're you talking about i didn't wait to finish rp? you left, and your crew started to surround us so it was either get killed or run away.
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    So me and my friend were waiting for some drug dealers to resupply, there we see this guy so we block the alleyway with a car run out to him scream STOP THE CAR OR WE SHOT, he starts backing out, so we shoot, he gets out with an AK shoots us bunch of times but we get him first, so he's lying there injured so i run up to him trying to frisk him and he instantly leaves after that, literally 2 minutes later the entire order shows up and starts hunting us down, he didn't inform anyone of this incident before he left so he must've did it when not in the game, he was also lying about his friend, yes his car was there but we've been scouting the area for quite some time and there was noone there, so his friend wasn't on the spot, which means he must've say something while out of game. So after the order chases us (about 15 minute chase) they get my friend and i escape, been waiting about 30 minutes for Urgent report only to get told to post on forum. After that i PMed the guy and he seems to have excuses for everything unfortunately OBS wasn't recording screen (god dammit) which i didn't know during the PMing, so what i have is a pick of the chat where i was trying to frisk him and he leaves and the PM chat where he has all the excuses The Chat - Him leaving - http://prntscr.com/jl8zr4