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    Wally Sherman

    Wally Sherman Long long Ago in 1949 Wally Sherman, came into this world.. Screaming and hollering till the doctor spanked him on his ass an handed him to mama. Growing up Wally, was very american loved everything about, at the age of 17 he went to his First War, Kicked ass took names! Wally was in 3 damn Wars, but the wars took a lot out Wally, leaving him with flashbacks of the wars and him running for his life. Currently Wally is a lovely 87 year old Hippie who loves to kick back and see what all these damn kids are up to with there new fancy technology an high class cars. Wally will sometimes go down to local clubs an do karaoke for the locals, with some of his long time great hits. I wouldn't really trust the mans driving he's got lovely set of glasses and can barely see in front of him, but he's a damn good driver. Some would say too good. That's if you're part of the local Cartel.
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    Hi there, been RPing for awhile now, finally got GTA V to run on PC and Figured I'd bring my characters here, Been Rping on DayZ and Ark for a few years now. I wish to keep that life going here