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  1. I believe there is already an older thread for this situation. I explained everything there. Do what you will.
  2. Again, what rules did I break? Other than maybe that ooc insult you mentioned, which happened afterwards as I was furious about you just shooting me without saying anything, because I didn't hear you say anything nor see you. There was no roleplay to begin with, so there was nothing to stop, doesn't seem very rational to me to keep responding if I think rules have been broken. Would you respond if someone told you to have your hands up in front of bank or other ncz? Don't think so. EDIT: anyways, as it seems they did tell me to stop even though I didn't hear them, that would probably mean it wasn't dm, so I guess this should be archived, idk.
  3. I never heard him saying hands up when I was on the bike, as a matter of fact I didn't even see you, next time type, voip is so bad in this game. (You could tell how laggy it was just by looking at me "laying" on the bike left and right but nvm) Also, jumping in the water, so? Unrealistic? Don't think so. Second, driving away from a gunpoint, even if I did hear you and/or see you, is allowed as long as my engine isn't stalled. Still shaking my head about that "it's not dm, we're in a gang" thing.
  4. Jack_Rhino

    Ban appeal

    Account name: Jack_Rhino Character name(s): Jack_Rhino Admin who issued punishment: n/a Date of punishment:19/12/2018 Punishment received: permanent ban  Reason given for punishment: "speehack" I was laying on the street injured and my game crashed. After I tried to re-log I got the message saying I'm permanently banned for speedhack by anticheat, but I never used anything. Why would I even use it while injured, it's pointless, I can't move anyway.
  5. Player being reported: Mask 2950_1465, Stranger 9370_3079 Date of rule breach: 18/12/2018 Time of rule breach: 23:15 give or take Your Character name: Jack_Rhino Specific Rule Broken: 7.2 Deathmatch 7.2.2 Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to harm, hurt you or damage your property (or if they attempt to do the same to your friends or allies), this also includes an attempt by the police to arrest someone; • If they report you to the police for a committed heavy crime, however, if someone reports you for a light crime, such as illegal parking, then the reason is insufficient; • If they are not in compliance with the demands or if they attempt to escape or call other players for help; " How did the player break the rule ? I went to pier to get my bike and as I was driving away someone started shooting at me from behind without initiating anything at all, absolutely no conversation. Then they started chasing me with their car and kept shooting until they killed me. I reported as soon as I could in-game but got no response and then I crashed. Their reason is, and I quote "we're in gang".. So? That gives you the right to go around shoot people randomly? Evidence : https://streamable.com/3t06x
  6. I did not quit, I timed out, and couldn't join afterwards. As a matter of fact, I can't even join now..
  7. Why the f you lying? They all told you to stop but you decided to try to escape, and in return got killed, lol, totally kos, kys
  8. Well it's none of my business, but I'm pretty sure people do try to run away like that in real life and usually get killed just like you killed her, so as I see it, a realistic situation happened :D
  9. Jack_Rhino

    Gun bugged

    I simply went into the bank to get my salary and after I left it was 0
  10. Jack_Rhino

    Gun bugged

    So i had an empty gun and went to the ammunation to buy a different one, but soon after that I lost all the ammo on the new gun (combat pistol), so I sent a report in-game and I was told to request a refund with screenshots of both guns so here it is: https://imgur.com/UkhjX32 https://imgur.com/YRGbhhr
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