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  1. ۞S۞u۞p۞r۞e۞m۞equeen CX

    Fix poker

    +1 Also some ppl are afk on poker table thats really annoying! I wish we could add a timer. And maybe more games like blackjack...
  2. ۞S۞u۞p۞r۞e۞m۞equeen CX

    Police officers and traffic behavior.

    And i dont think we need more cops mostly i see more than 14 cops online. Once we had a chase 4/5 cars were following us (not counting S.W.A.T. or helicopter) thats insane!
  3. ۞S۞u۞p۞r۞e۞m۞equeen CX

    Police officers and traffic behavior.

    Point 3. When "we" pass a cop with 200kmh he probally wont have time to respond to it because we are just to fast...