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  1. Hello, so when this situation happened we had contact over discord, he told me i logged out instead of crashed so i sended a pic of the bluescreen ( i get this a lot on my pc thats why i get a new one and always make a pic when this happened for this situations.) so he didnt believe me and i took another picture where you can see its my monitor that i also sended of the blue screen but he still didnt believe me (screens below) after i got back my game wouldnt start nothing worked so i reinstalled gta and rage when i did this i came back and wanted to resume the RP. the guys came to me and
  2. Hello, I followed this guy after he hit my car with his car when he saw me (you can see me on the video then he stops fishing) he went to the car and wanted to drive away i yelled with my voice dont get in the car get on your knees 2 times he still went in the car. at this point i saw the only way to stop him and not driving away is to kill him because when driving i wont be able to get him to stop. i now hear on the video that he couldnt hear me so i dont know if this is because my voice didnt came through (coughdrop) or that i was to far away. now that i have been in the serve
  3. Hello, I am seaching for a appartment / house to rent for around 20K a weak. I just need a place to stay at during the nights. Not needed to be any luxury. Contact me on #3904991 if you can help me. Dimitry Petrinkov
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