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  1. I do admit that I should not have gone back and attacked the injured officer after the second one showed up. Though I do defend my action of attacking the officer seeing as I had already kicked the other officer and ran towards the yard to hide while the other officer came in with a taser. I have not saved my POV.
  2. Today I smacked a cop over the head while he was in his vehicle with a crowbar kidnapped him and took him too a secluded area. He started to wake up and he got out of the trunk. I ran at him with a crowbar and he shot me once in the chest with his .50 as I hit him with my crowbar. I ran back to the car fleeing the scene. Later I was found by the cop and I tried to take a hostage but the hostage just ran away when he saw the cop and then I tried to run. Sadly the cop shot me 6 times at point blank range one hit my spine. I wanted death rp since I was shot 7 times in total in pretty fatal areas. I would also be bleeding from the close range .50 shot to the chest. It took 15 minutes to take me to a hospital but after all that I somehow survived and I was jailed for 24000 seconds. I'd like a reason why death rp was denied or if I was wrong to request DRP.
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