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  1. Marie never consented to be a hostage except insofar as to do what Koda told her to under the belief that she was dealing with someone who had reasonable ability to do harm to her. She never knew that he had plans to use her as a hostage. She heard him talk shit a lot whenever she did see him and she talks sarcastically a lot but to my knowledge he never actually made plans of that sort where she could know about it and certainly she didn’t enjoy or accept the idea of being a hostage. I don’t remember talking about anything to do with being or consenting to being a hostage except for someone joking with Koda that they were willing to be one. Aside from that, not knowing what Koda planned could just as easily be my shitty memory - I pathologically make journal entries on things IC normally because I cannot remember things otherwise, but I have no notes on this. I don’t think Marie would have talked about it even sarcastically unless she was nervously chattering just to stop someone from talking to her. She received a list of demands once Koda brought her and arrived at the meeting spot about how she should behave in the bank and was coached on it; she was brought in to the meet as though she was friendly because they assumed she would comply and she assured them she would not fuck it up because her life was on the line. She was reminded a couple times that she could be killed, that her life was on the line, that she could make money from it (and when that failed, that she would be claimed to be a willing hostage if she wasn’t cooperative). She didn’t know that Koda had plans to bring her to the bank until she was in his car with cars and cars full of Royals all around them. As I said, it seemed like something was up, but I had no way of knowing what was coming as she was given very little except the requirement to get in his car until she was already helpless to get away. Marie would never in a million years have willingly said yes to being an actual or false hostage. I never once wanted her to be a willing hostage or a hostage at all. I didn’t want her involved period and I would have liked to have just said no, but I couldn’t afaik. The only real reason she was involved otherwise was because her judgement was flawed following incredibly deep grief hitting very hard, and she was underestimating what a scary man might do to her or use her for. A part of her figured the worst that could happen was that she would be killed or attacked. Neither of us ever thought that it would be what it ended up being - neither of us thought that she would end up being brought to a bank and having her life ruined because someone held her hostage. She rationalized it when she got there as “doing something for Jack” because he was there, she wanted to curry favour with him as she felt it would get him to stop upsetting her all the time, And because it was the only way that she could live with herself being involved and used in such a way. She was terrified and numb. She would honestly rather have died in that bank, and still would rather have died, despite what little happiness she has found since and what little she has managed to find of legal work since (freelancing and fishing). Marie is not a criminal or an accessory by choice. She would rather stop existing than fail her family even further with continued accusations of having broken the law. She hasn’t made any moves to break laws since despite an initial terrified line of questioning about it to friends, having been convinced by others that she had no choice but to go illegal following the hard accusations aimed at her purely for being EMS (not for any other reason mind, even the person making this report said it was only because Marie was an EMS worker) and the loss of all support and job opportunities immediately following the robbery even before this report was opened. Marie has managed to stay legal. Her only charge to date is a single reckless operation. She has no intention of going to the dark side. She says a lot of things and is an unreliable narrator and spreads shit that isn’t true in regards to herself sometimes. That said, she would never have gotten in that car if she or I knew for a fact that she would be brought to a bank, even if she also somehow knew she would get away with it. It is not in her nature to break the laws. It is not in mine to knowingly break rules. The emotion in my voice as I was roleplaying her was genuine. I was terrified she was about to die despite how stupid a move it might be for the thieves. She was terrified she was about to die because obviously, she had guns in her face. Sure, some of it was influenced by Koda telling her how to behave, but she wasn’t acting. I have very little to say about the rest, as I don’t typically think to include dates in my journal entries and I am unsure as to what happened when. I will trust that Koda’s player has remembered it accurately as they are far more likely than I am to do so. If there is no filed paperwork for the report it is likely for the same reason that Marie’s mugshot and fingerprints had to be taken twice as they weren’t filed and her initial questioning wasn’t filed to my knowledge. I understand as there is little conclusive evidence if nobody ever believes her/me on this but Marie just isn’t a criminal and wouldn’t be unless she is forced to be. I am confused at the idea that duress doesn’t exist without a gun actively pointed to one’s head (as seems to be the case in some people’s minds lately). I am confused that Marie is appearing to be a willing participant, but I do understand some IC moments have made that hard to see and that there may be things I simply don’t recall that make this somehow less clear or less likely. I can say with certainty that if I was asked in IC or OOC whether I Or Marie wanted to be a hostage the answer would have been a resounding no. I can see that I will need to be focusing my next paycheck towards trying to upgrade my pc enough to record and play, or else I will be unable to absolve myself of doubt. Even if I have no intention of ever being in situations like this the lack of footage is clearly an issue.
  2. I am the player for Marie Dantoni (ID: 2 in this situation). I remain very confused on the matter of DM being a thing that is required to take someone hostage in a bank scenario, given that in real life and in the game, you wouldn't necessarily need to be willing to kill the hostage so much as pretend you are, given that in real life and in-game, your only real option is to keep them alive. However, it was adhered to. There was valid roleplay reasoning involved. There was not at any point any indication on my end that anything was being done that is unfair or against the spirit of the rules (which is to protect players from someone unfairly OOCly deciding to break character and do something that benefits them without a valid IC reasoning or motivation). Allow me to reiterate: You have to have a roleplay reason to attack the victim in accordance with the DM rules From the DM rules: Prior interaction should include escalation such as a robbery or a report to the police. Koda did in fact have a valid reason to take me hostage, and was indeed the only one involved in taking me hostage: I previously reported him to the police, though at the time I didn't have enough evidence or information to get him caught, for being on the pier with an AK. I would be surprised if Koda was unaware of this. In terms of invalid hostage taking, I confess to being a little confused - as I was before - because I've never been taken hostage or taken someone hostage before. As a result, I've never looked into the rules for that specifically, hence the trouble responding during the scene, and while I was rather hesitant to say anything during the moment when I didn't understand the full rules in place about everything, I had assumed the robbers already knew and had been adhering to. I figured there was a separate set of rules or something, as what is found in the general rules are... lacking, in terms of this scenario in my opinion. During the RP leading up to the heist, there was a lot of IC lying and manipulation, all very skillfully done, which led to Marie being more compliant than perhaps she otherwise would be up until the moment of the heist. That said, given that she is fully aware that Koda is an armed and dangerous man, who could easily kill her and has the connections to do so at any time regardless of whether she goes along with what he says. Marie met him, as far as I know, twice casually on the pier and once at a gas station. Across those chance meetings she spoke with him for a total of maybe five minutes, though she asked a few people about him. I don't recall the names of basically anyone I've helped as EMS, so I don't personally know if I did or didn't help him as EMS. I barely know Koda and he is far less than an acquaintance, even, but he has quite a reputation as far as I can gather. In terms of connections to Koda or the Royals, there is nothing outside of fear of Koda. Nothing else has happened with a Royal for her to be aware of them. For a while she didn't even know that Koda was part of the Royals and he is the only Royals member she has ever met. I don't think that A) Koda broke the rules in this situation or B) that Marie was able to consent or truly be willing, regardless of whether she did what she was told, or whether she says she was or not (guilt and shame for being taken hostage at all has prompted her to take the blame for it, as she has with many things). If someone like Koda, who Marie fears, came up to her out of the blue and told her that she was going to play hostage for them, that she was going to sit there and look scared (which she was legitimately afraid, because all the people there could legitimately kill her if she didn't comply anyway, so there was really no way for her to feel safe during a robbery), and had her in a bank, where people are waving guns at her, I would think that the level of immersion involved would be applauded, rather than looked down upon, so long as it was done correctly. Regardless of what happened, the robbers were legitimately threatening and controlling her, she was legitimately terrified for her life, and given that they would know right away if she had phoned the police and then kill her, at most IMO Marie would have been guilty of not attempting to contact the police even though there was a clear threat on her life if she did. Given that this was a premeditated event, with DM rights in place, with police not being an option due to the fact that she would legitimately be killed if she so much as lifted a finger to call them, with no radio, no way to do anything, and a guy that can kill her backed up by a gang of people that could kill her? I'm not sure why the first thought is that she would throw everything she had away to bend over backward for no reward for someone in the Royals, who she has no connections to. Marie (and I) felt at every point as though she was going to be killed if she didn't cooperate, and that she didn't have a choice. That said - Koda's player has lied in this report, in an attempt to protect me or others, I'm not sure, but likely he wanted to avoid any suspicion being put on me OOCly and leading to Marie losing her EMS job - in that he stated he lured her into a car by claiming his friend was injured. That part was untrue. Koda had previously obtained Marie's number on their first meeting which was quite innocent and lasted for about a minute - since then he has worn a mask on the two other brief meetings they had, and it was long enough in between that I didn't recognize him properly. Regardless, she has no positive feelings towards him, and in fact is deathly afraid of him. Leading up to the heist he contacted her telling her to go to the parking lot. She wasn't sure what for, and stashed her things in her bike and parked it as asked so that she wouldn't have any way to contact anyone, I'm sure, and then he showed up and made her get in his car. She didn't know what was going to happen because of it despite a bit of a feeling as to what might happen - let's be real nobody's that dumb she knew something was up - but when she got in his car she had no idea it would prompt the things it has prompted or that it would lead to her being held at gunpoint. The fact that he had her number made her even more sure that if she went to the police that she would die and that he knew everything about her. Even in real life, going to the police can be deadly, for a multitude of reasons, and she figured her best chances of survival were to comply and just do what they wanted. Inaction may still be wrong, but in this case it saved her life and as we all know fearRP is pretty gosh darn important. She has been debating ICly whether to go to the police to report it and explain what happened, and was on the way to do so despite the consistent and very real threat to her life, hoping that now that it has been a little while that they could protect her from any backlash - not that she can report much of anything other than Koda being involved as she knows very little else and saw very little else, when I code zero'd and noticed this notification. I'm surprised that anyone thinks that this isn't a legitimate scenario, but if it isn't, then I'm first and foremost sorry for any IC or OOC interactions that have happened since which point towards it being anything other than what it was; and for being ignorant, as I still can't find any resource on what is and isn't allowed in this scenario despite searching for it, other than the vague notes included in the general rules. The bottom line is that I never once, IC or OOC, felt as though Marie was willing to assist them outside of duress. She hates Koda for what he has done to her life, and for the fact that he pulled her into this mess. She's rationalized it the only way she can, and has been taking the blame on her shoulders and claimed that she did it all willingly, but she never once wanted this. She also never once expected or received any benefit for being involved despite it being one of the ways Koda attempted to manipulate her while waiting for the bank heist to begin. I also received no benefit from this, and in fact have lost quite a bit because of it both IC and OOC. I'm surprised that it is only now, after Marie has already lost everything, that questions are being brought up about the validity of the situation to such a degree.
  3. Hi there everyone! I’m Trusty, nice to meet you. I play as Marie Dantoni! Pleasure to meet you all.
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