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  1. Main issue: Recently on the server pretty much 4/5 of the drug labs have been destroyed for 90% of the day. This is a problem as the current "chain robbing" activity is a result of having most of the other criminal activities taken down out of the server for the majority of the day. Secondary issue: PD are icly not meant to know about the location of the drug labs, however many officers still abuse this fact. Lately they have been sending out helicopter with a passenger who uses a heavy sniper to conveniently scout the exact areas of these labs. If someone is seen near it with a gun they arrange a raid and move in. This needs to be changed. Suggestions: 1. Reduce the respawn timer on the labs. This is currently far too long and takes over 4 irl hours. 2. Limit the number of labs PD that can be disabled, E.G. make it so only 2/5 can be destroyed at once. 3. Change the way that PD handle raiding labs. This is the main issue in my opinion. Irl you wouldn't see 4 PO's and 2 cadets raiding a known drug lab. Perhaps enforce it to be a tactical operation only that SWAT must take care of and plan ahead of the raid. Comments: I know that there is plans to implement criminal constructed labs instead of leaving them at specific locations. This would be the overall best fix. This may be conveyed as an anti PD post, this wasn't my intentions. I've played my fair share of each side. The main purpose of this is to raise to recent issues directly effecting criminals. I'd prefer this stayed as a discussion before each side starts clashing heads.
  2. +1 This is a good idea and helps solve the bobby pin issue when it comes to opening suspects cars on a scene. -1 on the point of keeping it scriptly held on cops, they already have guns that can't be rp'ly taken and more items with this aspect shouldn't be added. If people are worried about cops being targets, that's just something they have to deal with. All it takes is one ctrl+E to activate their panic alarm.
  3. Bruce Wong China men take good care of their cars.
  4. Looking really good so far. Hope you guys stay around, we need a classic style gang back in the city.
  5. Loving the post, Nothing but good RP from you guys, keep it up.
  6. You can see my opinion and footage in the original report. I also agree with Pete that the wrong decision was made by the people handling this report. I'd like to reference a statement made by Fain "You can't just go round shooting at people who are dressed the same" I had made no threatening actions towards the party, fair enough him gunning down my gang member but shooting me in the chest 3 times for running round a corner is blatant KoS in my opinion. My pov below:
  7. Whilst the Triads have been growing and improving themselves, so have the relations with the old gangs of the city. The Triads had been working alongside Los Zetas and The Clowns during the recent war. Now that was was finished it was time for some proper business. A meeting was called and held in the board room in one of the Triads legal organisations. After discussing internal matters and clearing the air with any issues the Triads moved onto discussing their future. Recently the three gangs had been attempting to organise a large meeting to formally introduce the majority of their members. Now that the location had been set everyone headed down to the area, the entrance was secured to prevent any unwanted visitors. The initial discussion finished and the groups explained why everyone was gathered here today. The higherups of each organisation then headed to a more private location to discuss the fine details. Each organisation had their points to put forward and ask any questions relevant. Numbers were exchanged for those who didn't have them and some big business plans were set in place. The most important section of the meeting had concluded successfully and things were looking good for the three groups. The men then headed back down to the crowd and began celebrating, chatting away, getting to know all of the members present. A strong bond was formed on this day and the city of Los Santos should be expecting some big things to come.
  8. Overall post styling and content looks good so far, hope you keep up the standard. Looking forward to seeing what comes of this.
  9. Bruce Wong here, from my POV you can see me run round the corner as there are shots going off and instantly be shot in the chest 3 times before I even aimed. I'd also like to add that ID54 refused to respond to the attempt of my RP but it was under 30 seconds so I'll leave this to the admin. To provide a little backstory, we seen the contender outside. Got pins to pick it and bait the owner out the house to rob it, he exits AK in hands and just opens fire. I believe ID68 (Lu_Wong) was in the middle of typing his demands when he was shot not even giving us a chance to engage in RP. POV:
  10. Recently a lot of people have been posting media in which they're using modified graphics and lighting packs. As far as I'm aware these are approved by multiple admins on the server and provide no advantage over others who do not have the pack. As no one has officially shared the graphics update with anyone, I'll provide this below. Here are two links which will allow you to download and install the packs: Link 1 for the Lighting and colouring: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3e6yyt1p0h8bpzc/Natural+Vision+Remastered+for+Rage-MP+by+Firesky.rar Link 2 for the entire graphic overhaul: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vlju854uunnfl84/Overhaul+by+Firesky.rar These packs are fairly simple to install (Drag and drop into a folder). Inside each pack there is a notepad file that provides further guidance. Beware that the graphics overhaul is particularly power intensive so you will require a decent spec PC for a good experience whilst using this. Screenshots: Videos:
  11. The Triads have recently reached back out to their old friend Pong Xing who had successfully pulled off an arms shipment for them. The Triads made a new deal that would ensure consistent arms shipments arriving in the city of Los Santos. The group then headed to collect the first shipment. Mr. Xing had successfully held up the deal once again. The helicopter arrived and dropped off the shipment, the men then moved down and picked up the crate. The Granger was brought out to assist in the shipment of the crate. They then headed back to their area of operations and inspected the goods. After some time had passed the second shipment was due to arrive in the city. The Triads headed down to the area and secured the perimeter. This shipment was delivered by boat to a private docking area. Xing done this to avoid making the same methods of import flag up time after time. The group headed down with a bullet resistant truck and two large off road vehicles to escort the shipment back to safety. Now that the Triads were stocked up it was time to move onto the business of selling the weapons.
  12. I withdraw my offer, managed to get another place.
  13. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Shen Wong Character to Transfer To: Bruce Wong Requested Transfer: $200,000. TWO-HUNDRED-THOUSAND. Reason for Transfer: Shen Wong is no longer used for any RP and has not been played in a month. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? Have a trusted friend assist the transfer. In Character background story/reason: After the recent family crisis Shen resigned from his job in Los Santos and went back home to Shandong, China to spend time with his old friend. Doing so he had recently left his two vehicles to Bruce as they couldn't be imported to China. Now that Shen has been out the city for a few months and China refused to allow the transfer of his American earned funds to the Shandong local bank. Due to this Shen has decided to make a wire transfer to Bruce for the remaining amount of his savings as the Bank Account will be closed and all money lost. To ensure that the funds only go directly to Bruce, Shen hired a lawyer to draft up a wire transfer agreement and sent it to him via email. A copy of this can be seen below:
  14. +1 to this. Currently cars that are not listed on HE but are parked in a space on the market take up a sell slot. This needs to be changed alongside adding more spaces. People using HE to hide their personal car beside the other cars that are on sale should not impact the amount of cars that can be put on sale.
  15. A man who had recently been rolling with the Triads as a test of his worth asked Bruce to meet him for a business opportunity. Not long after meeting the man a SWAT team rolled in and cleared the building, eventually finding us on the top floor. Bruce had never been to prison in his entire time in the city and the SWAT finally caught him. The arresting officer Paulo Witherfork made a personal promise to Bruce earlier that month. "I will be the Officer to finally take you down once I reinstate." He is a man of his word. Bruce had over 40 outstanding warrants for his arrest and he was going down for a long time. There was no reason to fight against the SWAT officers and Bruce accepted his fate. He was then transported to the prison in the normal cruiser alongside being escorted by the SWAT. Now that Bruce had successfully arrived at the prison it was finally time for him to be added to the system. The prison guards almost forgot to take the mugshots as they had expected Bruce to already have them. Alongside the mugshots the prison guards made sure that Bruce paid his outstanding fines. It was quite the sum. Whilst in prison Bruce met up with another Triad known as Niko. None of the Triads even knew Bruce was in prison until Niko got an unexpected visit from Lu Wong. Niko updated Lu on what had happened to Bruce and the rest of the members were informed. They successfully smuggled in a radio so they could assist their organisation from the inside. Now that Bruce's sentence had ran its course and he was about to be released. The Triads arranged a convoy to come collect him from prison. Now that Bruce was out of prison it was time to hunt down the man who was suspected of setting him up. Whilst looking for Justin, Paulo Witherfork showed up around the area and stopped for a conversation. Bruce decided to have a little bit of fun with the officer and this resulted in a large chase throughout the whole city. Luckily after a long chase, Bruce and Brian managed to successfully escaped. They parked up in a remote location and spent the night hiding out in a barn until the heat dies down.
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