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  1. Front page post has been reworked and updated.
  2. Yeah I retracted my statement, prior to you posting the quote, some things still stand however. I don't plan on hiding my opinion. Lets do some maths: Comet Retro's used by criminals: (Below figures are estimates and have been granted more cars than actually are used.) Triads - 3/40 members = 7.5% Zetas - 6/58 members = 10.3% Rooks - 3/40 members = 7.5% WCA - 1/25 members = 4% NLA - 0/25 members = 0% Misfits - 0/20 members = 0% Vory - 1/12 members = 8% Not Fog - 4/15 members = 26% Unaffiliated Criminals - 3/50 people = 6% Overall total 21/235 Active Criminals = 8.9% Looking at these rough figures, a mere 9% of the active criminals on the server, utilise a comet and most don't use it as their main vehicle. This bring us to the point that not all of these players are online at once, lets take a inaccurate example and presume 50% are EU ad 50% are NA. Therefor meaning there is a pool of around max 4.5% of Comet users on at any given time. Yet you make this out to be a mass abused issue? - these vehicles are the top of their tier and retain essential a Super status. If you want to nerf cars over 4.5% over criminals who use them when you're online, it's obscene. Never mind you will never chase everyone of these players further reducing the number. It's a niche vehicle that only a select few have the option to utilise, there is no requirement to punish these owners as they "cannot be caught"
  3. You're literally embodying a stereotype and not willing to listen to any input what so ever. This is a GTA GAME MECHANIC ISSSUE and effects many more cars than just the comet. As I've mentioned above if we want to place limiters on cars as an IC restriction, there should also be ways to remove these IC that have a cost and consequences. Make the balancing fair for each side, not just "limit comets cause pd can't catch them"
  4. we get imports and an F4 menu. Imports as of which are almost useless in it's current state. Far from "Shitloads" of benefits. As I've said I'm against it for criminals only, but please do not come out here and make false claims such as the above. Please remember that Official Factions earned their reward.
  5. This is a known bug, And I'm guessing by regular development procedures they would fix this to support implementing said feature.
  6. I'm always open to adding unique items for cimrinals, however I believe this should be added for everyone. Perhaps more illegal car mods may be a better route.
  7. +1 really heavily abused to an amount that it becomes pathetic
  8. Unsure of how long you've been a member on the server, but as I have said. The only allied gangs are Zetas and Triads. Crying out the two of us working together is like crying at PD calling SD for backup. The large gangs do not go out and actively target civilians, and you're clear inexperienced if you think cops do the same. Law enforcement response against gangs is currently at some of the best it's ever been in terms of sheer numbers, to say that cops are afraid of us is insane. Half the reason for the current neutrality between gangs is due to the lack of reasoning and benefits of fighting each other, why should we shoot each other so that civilians can stand by and enjoy the show? In the last 3 months, Triads and Zetas have taken fairly hostile action towards larger gangs such as Wanted, WCA, Rooks, all of which played their course in the rp and 1/3 ended up going to war. This is a choice from all gangs and people are more than welcome to fight back against the demands, all be it they will invoke a war. This sounds like more of a provoked hate towards Zetas in specific if I'm honest. Something tells me you're not even a civilian but someone who dabbled in crime and got slapped right back out of it. When making these obscene suggestions perhaps take some time to consider the time, effort and rp that the larger gangs have brought to the server over their life time, instead of using them as cannon fodder for you being upset.
  9. Really liked the thread so far, I hope this does not turn into a montage thread for shootouts, Bobby pinning cars etc after recent developments. Good luck on how it plays out.
  10. To start off, gang suppression checks done the exact opposite of what they intended and resulted in increasing numbers of mass shootouts from criminals and cops due to each side abusing this fact for lethal/severe engagements. Suppression checks are not the answer and they absolutely abolish what'seft of criminal rp between cops. There was not a day I would have stopped for a cop during suppression check time, because it was a garunteed arrest. Nowadays I pull over for 95% of the stops until they further devlope because I know there is a chance I will not be arrested, which is often the case. As for the all gangs work together attitude, I'm absolutely sick and tired of trying to explain this. Only TRIADS AND ZETAS are allied, this relationship in its current state was formed over a literal year of progressive rp between the two gangs. Again people seem to forget that there was a time we were both at war with each other. Please explain to me why you think we should randomly declare war on each other even though literally all of our members are friends beyond just being allies? It is a known fact that gangs cooperate in real life to take out the weaker links, and has been for over 100 years. This is a continuous cycle, people cry about no war and when there is war, they cry about that as well. Over the last 12 months of Triads existing we have seen 5 official gangs reach their end of life, some via wars others via lack off players in the gang. To say there is no hostile action between large factions is obscene. This also does not count the number of smaller gangs who have came in and declared war on us, also dying out. The strong survive and the weak die out. This says it all straight. As far as I'm aware, none of the official gangs or even larger gangs run around randomly robbing people unless the person being robbed has provoked the reaction. This will only result in further mass shootings between law enforcement and gangs, this has been proven in the past and this is something both sides do not want. There is a fine balance between realism and fairness, systems should still be fair for criminals to exist along with civilians. I'd like to point out that not every criminal is out to rob until their end of days. Perhaps of people took a moment to take a step back and evaluate the situation from all areas and not just blaming criminals who are a very common scapegoat, a reasonable solution may be formed. Clamping down on all gangs icly due to fearRP being abused is not the solution. 90% of the time my gang spends hanging out in our HQ, which we chose an area out of peak traffic zones for the simple reason: we do not want our rp to negatively impact any other form of rp.
  11. +1 to this, Myself and a few others used to run a funeral business that done exactly this and other services but it drowned out due to lack of support.
  12. Date and time (provide timezone): 09/02/2020 14:00 (GMT) Character name: Bruce_Wong Issue/bug you are reporting: Furniture gates can be unlocked with "Access Property" permissions but no re-locked. Expected behavior: "Access Property" would allow members to both Open and Close the gate. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: have a member of the Faction who only has "Access Property" unlock the gate and then attempt to re-lock this. **- Adding the permission "Build Property" allows them to re-lock the gate.
  13. Date and time (provide timezone): 09/02/2020 01:00AM (GMT) Character name: Bruce_Wong Issue/bug you are reporting: Sync issues with furniture gates Expected behavior: Gates to be synced server side and not client side - So they are in the same status for all players. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Drive into an unlocked gate after coming in from outside it's render distance and it will be fixed in place. Get out the car, walk into it and update its status by forcing an object interaction and the gates are now usable on your client side only. **- Allow cars with players inside to force the sync update, if unwilling to sync server side. See video: Vehicle license plate number*: W0NG
  14. If we are going to put limiters on cars as they do IRL, we should also be able to remove them as they do IRL. This could come with IC consequences such as an illegal modifications charge for cars etc. I'm all down for realistic adjustments so long as it is not bias towards one end.
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