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  1. Thread is looking great, best of luck with your new faction. I'm excited to see how things unfold.
  2. Character to be refunded: Bruce_Wong Date and time of incident: 15/09/2019 16:47 (BST) Requested refund (what and how much): 1x Laptop Description of incident resulting in loss: Server crashed whilst the laptop was on the ground. Laptop was missing upon server coming back up. Evidence of loss: Video of using the laptop when the crash happened: Video of the laptop being gone from my stash and floor when the server loaded up:
  3. Good to see another Asian style gang come around. Hopefully this one beats the task of time.
  4. -1 overall on this, There are enough scripted protection zones and the small number of these already gets abused. As for not robbing/committing crime in daylight I disagree, this happens irl. Criminal syndicates literally kidnap and kill people in broad daylight, even solo muggers do work during the day. I can vouch for the two official gangs, we both avoid targeting civilians. The only time we openly engage on people in the street is when they have done something to deserve a retaliation. The hrob gangs/criminals will phase in and out, as this form of playing has an extremely short life time.
  5. These "restrictions" are not strict in the slightest. The moment someone is wanted, their phone number and name are auto populated onto the "wanted list" whenever that player is online, without any player input. The number is then selected from there and traced at will - once this number has been seen once, a detective can trace this as they please. This seems like an IC problem, perhaps be a better detective. Make use of disguises and masks as criminals have to and don't drive a black bog standard buffalo. There have been detectives in the past who have successfully infiltrated entire gangs and not get caught. High profile criminals such as Mafia & Cartel members would 100% know the detectives of their city IRL, this is not unrealistic in any form. Again another IC issue that should not restrict an auto-populating system from being removed. You expect criminals to be truthful to cops you have another thing coming. Perhaps put in manual work and ensure that number ties with the correct person before acting on the evidence. Using regulations as a method to have a system not reworked is astonishing. It's essentially please don't change this system as it will hinder me ICly. People seem to forget the amount of criminals that have experienced PD on alts etc. 80% of the paperwork is entirely optional, there will be that one person that chooses to do every piece of paper work available. Back when I was PD we had an officer do close to 300 impound reports in a month - entirely optional. Now if 1 person can do this, there is easily the potential for 120 people to work together in creating a database of phone numbers. Just because there is a limited amount of access to a system, it does not it has now flaws. Take a look at illegal gun importing. A very low number of people actually have access to this yet people complain that "Every criminal runs around with a heavy" - This shows that a small number of people can use a specific system to effect the entire server. Overall I agree with you that the initial suggestion was a little lacking - People have added good comments with suggestion developments since then. I know this will come across like I am only vouching for the criminal side, but it's about finding the middle ground of a good system. An system back by the automatic MDC Database, that requires zero player input to gather any information. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you don't take this as a ill intent.
  6. Good to see that PD are open to suggestions, Perhaps if the tracking wasnt done every 5 seconds by certain members, people wouldn't find this an issue. Overall phones should be held in database yes, but I'm fully against any form of script sided automation to back RP as it reduces player input. Have a detective gather your phone number and add it to the database, like it would be registered irl. This is a suggestion in relation to the issue of 0 burner phones existing. In what situation IRL would you see leaders of a cartel using a pay monthly contract phones that is added to a database.
  7. +1 on to this overall, In my opinion the active phone numbers should be stored on a database, but they should not link straight to full character names without any player input. Perhaps turn the automatic "wanted board" into a more manual process where officers input details to it themselves such as outstanding charges etc. If the name were removed, as Jake said - it would allow use of burner phones, bringing a new dynamic to Crim RP, instead of being restricted to no phone access unless you want auto traced in some instances.
  8. Apologies for the delay on part 4. The reserved post has been edited and it's finally complete.
  9. CallumMontie


    This just shows the current attitude of the police force. He's in X colour so he must be a criminal. Laughable.
  10. Hello I'm ID95 / Bruce_Wong First off me and my gang had been scouting you out and were planning to hit you, hence the large spread of people. ID 153 / Pete_Wright / @Pistol Pete / and myself were hiding behind the hut waiting to move in, Pete then moves in and you aim at him - giving him reason to shoot you. After hearing the shots I run in from the back and shoot the 3 of you down, seeing that Pete was injured. I'd also like to add that you have cut you clip to trim out you and your buddy call police straight away after being gunned down and surrounded which breaches FearRP. Here is my PoV of the shootout: I would also like to point out that ID162 and ID219 return to the scene straight after their death breaching NLR. Below is the footage of this: Edit: I can provide longer footage of before the shootout that shows us setting up after the group aimed at our member if required.
  11. +1 to this overall, Actions that require use of your hands shouldnt be allowed when cuffed, unless rply carried out where you can then be ooc uncuffed either way. For hands up maybe allow certain actions as your hands would be less restricted, but still restrict most actions such as opening cars etc.
  12. Sorry but to say you have never seen this happening it blatant ignorance. Back from when I was PD, you were also a member at the same time and this happened a lot. Even if people are icly trained there are still going to be exceptions where people abuse it. As for reporting it, Im unsure if the mdc is even tracked in logs which would essentially make any report invalid due to no evidence if this is the case. I may be wrong on the mdc not being tracked in logs and would like appreciate clarification on that.
  13. Currently the Police MDC allows you to enter a player ID to pull up the record of said player with that ID. E.g. Typing in ID21 would show my characters full name Bruce_Wong if that was my current ID. In my opinion this should be removed for the following reasons: 1. Directly promotes metagaming - this is an IC system and OOC ID's should not be used to gain information such as character names to then place charges. 2. Promotes lazyness and lower RP quality - in no irl situation would an ID be assigned to a member of the general public. The player should be properly identified and the name typed in. I understand that this is a quality of life implementation but it is highly misused and often pushed to the side. To make it clear, players can already be identified by typing a portion of their name when they are online. Essentially meaning there's no requirement for the ID function. Cheers. Credit to @Hoxton_Curry
  14. Thank you for following up on this - I'd like to raise the following points. I'd agree here if the demands were given seconds prior to the taser being used. As shown in the clip, the taser is used while the demand is still being given. How can this be considered reasonable? How does the officer know I will not stop after the demand is given? If this is allowed, it sets a precedent that anyone can use a taser on another player without demands, as long as they have RP reason to do so. As a criminal, if I run up to another player that's on a motorbike, aim a taser at them and as they drive off shoot them with it. This will emphatically be considered DM. The rules should apply equally to all players. While this is true, PD does not operate under a different rule set. Imagine the same scenario but for criminal. A criminal car blocks a player in on a motorbike, another criminal approaches with a taser aimed at the occupant. Before the criminal holding the taser can finish his demand, he's shot the victim off the bike. I strongly believe criminal "does his job" would not apply here and they'd be getting punished.
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