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  1. You're telling me regular police officers outnumber those in gangs in LA?? Because that also is not the case. Not once did I say this was an accurate / realistic ratio, I was using it to show how we would blend in better had there been a denser population but apparently that was too hard for you to comprehend. I'm done replying to this because you're failing to see literally anyone else' justification for doing these actions.
  2. Law enforcement currently do target gangs via their colours, it's just something we're willing to deal with. Triads went for a good 6 months being highly discreet and hard to gather information on, I'm sure a couple of the old detectives will vouch for this. In the current state there is literally no reason to hide yourself as it's highly likely to be metagamed via a Faction thread or IC presumptions. There are plenty of lower down members in gangs successfully operate under the radar and there are others who want to show pride in their faction. You clearly have no long term experience with any side of this and haven't even attempted to interact with the gangs, inquiring about why they do so. Perhaps before you come blowing your trumpet, take some time and experience it yourself. We have called votes on using no colours etc before, all of which were vastly voted as a No. Criminals have their idealism set in place, and there has to be a balance between realism and enjoying yourself. At the end of the day there is a vastly limited player basis compared to IRL numbers making it harder for gangs to actively conceal themselves. At a given time of 400~ players online around 20-30 of these may be Triads, which is just under 10% of the population, If the server was to be the same population as an IRL city or include NPC traffic etc, the amount these gangs stand out would vastly decrease, even when showing colours etc due to them being covered up by the numbers of the general public. The LA population is roughly about 4 million, which gives us an easy example. With the current ratios this would mean 300 thousand out of these 4 million would be Triads, which still shows a vast different in density per area, however shows how vastly out of scale the criminal organisation actually would be.
  3. -1 poeple should not have any ooc limits on how they want to dress/represent their group IC. Talking for Triads, we only have two ways to distinguish us which is our mask and car colour. Even when we are unmasked most gangs and police officers have us aliased as Bruce Triad for example instead of the actual name. Straight up eliminating the "being unrecognised". As for the identification, you seem to misunderstand that a lot of gang members recognise each other beyond just a colour, instead they have known clothing, haircuts, cads etc. It's not as simple as drive in purple shoot blue and cause a war, believe it or not there is diplomacy. No one is forced to use a colour, just don't expect to get treated civilly IC when you roll up to a gang using their colour on your car etc that they have worked to earn and protect for over a year in some occasions.
  4. Would require a simple coding change to retain your on duty status plus any items from /pw upon logout until you end duty.
  5. +1 to mechanics assist with impounding vehicles. -1 to granting mdc access for mechanics, this makes no rp sense. If you want a plate checked phone the police, or note it down and ask at the front desk.
  6. Best of luck, the person who should have represented the Faction is finally in the place they deserve. Hopefully you're back to official in no time.
  7. I'll RP with them when they are in game, but they intentionally disconnect/crash. Which is a common thing, we should not be forced to sit and wait 15 minutes to find the result of them returning or not, and then from that acquiring literally nothing if they do not return. They would only be lootable when injured, which has already been declared as not an issue to do utilising the script.
  8. Simple one here, bodies of "injured" players should remain interactable for 5~ minutes if the player logs out/crashes whilst injured. Example: Player A shoots Player B, Player A begins looting Player B, Player B logs out, Body remains with associated ID Player A continues looting. This would vastly assist in preventing logout abuse & combat logging.
  9. +1 you don't need to be trained to drag someone around. If it was added, /drag and /dragapprove should be required similar to frisking.
  10. Have you ever heard of your local & friendly dealership: Premium Deluxe Motorsport
  11. +1 I really like the idea of diversifying the clothing stores to "tiers & types of clothes" similar to how it is on GTAO, for the people complaining about "it being to complicated" all thays required is a list of what clothes go in each store. As for adding undershirts etc, and more clothes. Make a list for the developers on what needs implenented and they will likely be happier to do so.
  12. Simple suggestion here, There are a number of houses, properties and warehouses that do not have building range on their alloted ground. The building range for all three of these should be increasesed vastly and a rule implemented that states "building is strictly limited to owned land." Preventing players from building in other owned areas e.g. across house gardens/shared garages. Over this will assist in all buildings and larger ones such as warehouses, large properties and mansions, whilst preventing a future request for the same issue. Islands have a crazy building range, meaning this is possible, so long as rules are added to managed it.
  13. Piecing it all together from the last couple replies: Each gun could have a stock cost e.g. An SMG could cost 8k to take out from /pw and will refund 8k when returbed to the /pw. 8k is significantly cheaper than the standard import price for criminals to acquire an SMG. Each guns ammo would also have a cost, e.g. $50 per smg bullet, (costs $65 for crim import) This would allow a cost to be managed per risk taken and ammo usage, ammo obviously being at greater disposal than a gun itself. From this it would cost the treasury: 8000 [smg] + 7500 [150 smg ammo] £15,500 for taking out an SMG. A lot less than the value of what a criminal carries, however still adds to the risk of the Faction taking a loss.
  14. Agreed, when an item is successfully returned it should refund the value of taking it out. Perhaps not fully refund it, so there is still a financial cost of taking out X weapon.
  15. +1 - there are a multitude of prooerties and houses that cannot build on their entire alloted area. However, I believe this should be under the game suggestions section.
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