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  1. This post marks the end of an Era. As most are aware, Triads have agreed to disband. Triads was initially founded with a group of 5 people, slowly climbing to a pinnacle that no one ever expected to reach. Nearing on two years that the gang has existed, we've been through every stage of existence and RP. This would not have been possible without those who participated along in the ride, as members, allies, enemies and anyone who has even interacted with us during our time. As a Faction we would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to assist us to grow, learn and devel
  2. I believe this is similar to the bug that occurred on islands when furniture was placed outwith a certain radius from the properties "centre", causing the WUI to not render. @NBDY extended the WUI range on islands, I'm sure the same just needs applied to houses, properties and warehouses.
  3. Huge +1 I've suggested a similar method in the past prior to turfs, but as of current this is well needed. The current imports provide almost no RP other than Gun Trafficking RP.
  4. There are some aspects of this suggestion that I do agree with, such as the Turreted insurgent being unrealistic, however the overall issues raised within this suggestion could easily be avoided at the player and groups own accord. Each action has a reaction. If you wish to be left alone and not punished then simply do not provoke the reaction. Giving a bit of insight, this is something that Triads faced during mid 2019, where the group had no remorse or care for their actions around Law Enforcement and the reactions that came from it. This in turn started the first wave of "Suppression
  5. As @TheCactus mentioned, this issue will be correct amongst other vehicle related issues with the release of the Modview Update, which is currently in development.
  6. Machete's are acquirable in game however that is only via "Special Events" and other areas of limited RP. Players may sell them but the rest is IC
  7. Date and time (provide timezone): 06/10/2020 18:00 (UTC+1) Character name: Bruce Wong Issue/bug you are reporting: Bypassing the client side weapon draw animation Expected behavior: for the weapon draw animation to always occur. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: 1. Enter a vehicle with weapon in hand. 2. Press F to exit the vehicle without changing weapon, or ensure the weapon is selected by pressing tab. 3. Instantly hold right click during the exit animation 4. Gun instantly aims on your screen and is sync
  8. He means a credit vehicle should include a vehicle slot, not just be ignored as a single car.
  9. Same issue also occurs on player owned islands for any object with the World Interaction UI.
  10. Currently NLR States: 11. New Life Rule (NLR) Upon a player's death all parties involved in the death should forget memory of all information and any negative interactions and events leading up to the death. Information prior to the death should be completely forgotten and is no longer valid justification for any future hostile action against those involved. Players can’t return to the area of death until the prior RP is finished and 30 min OOC pass. Government faction members may return to their HQ and resume unrelated faction duties
  11. Date and time (provide timezone): 06/09/2020 Character name: Bruce_Wong Issue/bug you are reporting: You can send /duoanim to any online player no matter the distance. Expected behaviour: To only be able to use /duoanim to those in proximity. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Type /duoanim [ID of any player of of vicinity] [anim]
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