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  1. This aspect alone deserves its own suggestion, really good idea.
  2. Currently $4,000,000 is spawned in per day for welfare alone. (Info from the Founders) Meaning that $28,000,000 per week is spawned in. The equivalent to some of the highest ever auction bids on the server. Say 50% of this income comes from individuals in any of the listed categories, a total of $14,000,000 per week would be removed. Which is $728,000,000 per annum removed.
  3. The welfare is spawned in money that comes from no closed-economy source. Yes it may cover your fuel but it its still additional spawned in money, just in another players pocket causing overall inflation. If that makes any sense
  4. The Issue: One of the main issues I've seen occur over my 2 years on ECRP is the ongoing and rapid inflation of money. A lot has been done to counteract this over the time, however there are still some aspects of income that are simply unrequired. Inflation: Currently $4,000,000 is spawned in per day for welfare alone. (Info from the Founders) Meaning that $28,000,000 per week is spawned in. The equivalent to some of the highest ever auction bids on the server. Say 50% of this income comes from individuals in any of the below categories, a total of $14,000,000 per week would be removed. Proposal: The "hourly" welfare should be removed for those in the following categories: In the 35% Tax Bracket. Employed in a Government Faction e.g. PD, SD, MD, DCC, DOC, GOV. Own a "Player Owned" Business e.g. Gas Station, Store, Vehicle Dealership. Reason: If you find yourself requiring welfare to "live" whilst in a tax bracket, it shows a clear character issue and assets should be sold to compensate. This way players are made to develop an active income to support their needs. A millionaire should not freely receive $100 + (XP/1000) every IRL hour.
  5. +1 This a really good idea and it would assist accommodate for newer players or those who simply do not generate large income. Actually bringing a benefit to being a "lower tier" criminal if you want to avoid high fines when caught.
  6. +1 I'd like to see it added as a tab to the MDC as well.
  7. The recent addition of the ((Tabbed out)) appearing over anyone's head when tabbed out even for a second is heavily immersion ruining in my opinion. It would be nice to either have a command implemented to check this e.g. /checkafk [ID] Or to have the option to toggle the visibility, e.g. /toggletab Reducing the overall additional "OOC Clutter" on the Player UI.
  8. The problem with "criminal rp" comes from the players not the script support. Currently 90% of the players that exist in criminal RP are only present to shoot, loot and win. Once you get rid of this mentality then you will see vast positive developments with how the rp flows. Criminal RP has had the most updates targeted to them over the last year+ in the server, however it always ends up in the "stale" state due to the player bases attitudes. Further development will only keep it fresh for a month, where players will then return to their usual mindset. I personally disagree that "more" rules should be added into structing criminal rp via FM, as Faction Management already are involved beyond levels I personally believe they should. They often get involved with "reasoning" over single events, let alone focusing on the overall quality and providing constructive feedback to the gangs. Given that the communication is improved, again this will vastly assist in the quality of the rp. Instead of players being afraid to carry out RP in fear of "Punishment". To sum it up, players should be focusing on their own "issues" and strive to improve them, instead of worrying about others. Once you've improved yourself and your faction, from there everyone can begin working together to get it into a working state.
  9. In my opinion if supers were brought back for IC cash, they should be "untradeable" forcing it to be a money sink and a permanent purchase, especially if this is ran by the Gov. That way it would be far more beneficial for the servers economy, whilst also rewarding a player with a supercar of their choice if they want to "throw away" that cash.
  10. This post marks the end of an Era. As most are aware, Triads have agreed to disband. Triads was initially founded with a group of 5 people, slowly climbing to a pinnacle that no one ever expected to reach. Nearing on two years that the gang has existed, we've been through every stage of existence and RP. This would not have been possible without those who participated along in the ride, as members, allies, enemies and anyone who has even interacted with us during our time. As a Faction we would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to assist us to grow, learn and develop during our lifespan, you will always be remembered. And of course, a special thanks the staff who made us who we are: @Chrisy @Dqniel @dawpi @Jellay @MrSilky Decide your own path, don't allow others to define it. Thank you everyone.
  11. Huge +1 I've suggested a similar method in the past prior to turfs, but as of current this is well needed. The current imports provide almost no RP other than Gun Trafficking RP.
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