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Mask 7094_4894 (Non RP & OOC insults)

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Players being reported: Mask 7094_4894

Date of rule breach: 8/21/2018

Time of rule breach: 12:40 am (central time)


Your character name: John Burton

Other players involved: Mike Taylor, Borris Alderman


Specific rule broken: Non RP & OOC insults

How did they break the rule?: We arrived on scene of an armed robbery. After we had successfully incapacitated all of the suspects, I went to treat a injured female. She was attempting to roleplay death without consent from us. After I told her that both parties needed to consent, she OOCly insulted me. She also said "Yeah, i'm not role playing with you" which is non RP.


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Alright, I can't really make any excuses for what was said but I'll just give you a little insight and then an apology for the unfair treatment I gave you when you're just playing the same game as me

So basically I just wasn't having a good day so I ended up just getting mad and taking it out on you, I am truly sorry for what I said and I hope we can resolve this without unnecessary complaints. 

Best regards and I hope you accept my apology. 

~ Vain Reeves

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