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NCZ | mask 9827_4929

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Player(s) being reported:  mask 9827_4929
Date of rule breach: 20/8/2018
Time of rule breach: 17:49 bst

Your characters name: Vlad_jusmano
Other players involved: Itsuki_Sudo

Specific rule broken:
5.6. No Crime Zones
5.6.1 No crime zones (NCZ’s) are areas of the city which are against the rules to commit crimes involving a victim or
disobey a police order even when you may have an in character reason. A player whom is wanted from the police may
run if confronted in a no crime zone but may not continuously return without it being considered cop baiting for a
chase. You may also drive through a crime zone during a pursuit if needed to escape, and if being chased by a
criminal, they may not attack you once you are within the crime zone and watch and wait for a more realistic time to
strike. NCZ’s are in place to simulate a heavily guarded area which would be unreasonable to commit crimes in
5.6.2. No Crime Zones Include:
The block surrounding and the interior of all active banks.

How did the player break the rule?:

It happend because we hit barier with alot of speed and both got injuried, guy just came and took my car,
there was like 4 police officers aswell, 

Evidence of rule breach:  


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Hello and thank you for your patience, @collesssin!

I've run the record of your character's account, Vlad_Jusmano, and that Comet in the video that is stolen is in-fact your vehicle. 

Due to lack of response from Max_Vitali (Mask 9827_4929and the very obvious rule breach in this video, he will receive a non-roleplay level increase for his second offense of breaching a No Crime Zone. 

Report Accepted/Archived


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