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Mask 9827_4929 and Mask 609_3066 (5.2Powergaming, Ninjalooting, Mercy Killing)

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Player(s) being reported: Mask 9827_4929 and Mask 609_3066
Date of rule breach:2018.08.20
Time of rule breach: 5:30 PM GMT+2

Your characters name:Leon_Blanco
Other players involved: esco (9905_1976

Specific rule broken:
Powergaming 5.2.3. Doing two actions simultaneously that would otherwise seem impossible is also considered powergaming, for example using drugs while in combat.
Mercy killing

How did the player break the rule?: So we was looking for a guys who robbed our friend David and injured him. Esco found them and they started shooting at him without any reason or saying a word (hope esco will amke report on that).They chased Esco and i saw one guy fell of his buy, so i tried heled my friend because he was in danger. So Mask 609_3066 killed us. He immediately start ninjalooting us both withou any /me or /do. After that Mask 9827_4929 Powergamed and tried loot me while beeing injured of bike crash. And at the end Mask 609_3066 mercy killed his friend Mask 9827_4929.

Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/s/LrfJhPKpMmBU
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