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Police powergaming

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Player(s) being reported:  Stranger 2391_7240 
Date of rule breach: 2018-08-20
Time of rule breach: ~ 01:00 PM CET

Your characters name: Martin Coyne
Other players involved: Menshikoc Aleks
Specific rule broken: 5.2 Powergaming
Powergaming is the act of roleplaying something unrealistic or forcing roleplay actions on other players by
using roleplay commands. Forceful server commands, such as, /cuff or /mug are not considered powergaming.

How did the player break the rule?:
This is very subjective, since game is not a real life and is sometimes silly to compare one to another, but this act of crashing your car face to face does not feel very logical or realistic. I understand that officers somehow needs to catch the suspect, but this is not a realistic way to do it.

I believe this shows lack of imagination. Thinking outside the box, like implementing road spikes or officers setting up road blocks would eliminate this problem. (Sorry if anyone got offended, thist is just my opinion).

Evidence of rule breach:
Gif  down below. (I can provide video clip if needed)


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I was the driver that hit you. I did not mean to hit you. I'll say that right now. Yes, I agree I should have opened getting badly Hurt from that crash. I saw you and another officer come Down the road and I hold space and A it made me drift left and it went your way. I'm sorry for the action that happened and the pretty stupid situation that escalated from it. 



I didn't mean to slam you straight on but I do agree it went south. i will accept any punishment that may come for this.

i also clipped the crash from my end 


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Ty from what I can see you claim for lack of effort from the police yet they P.I.T you twice in that new video one going really fast. Due to the nature of your report I am going to say there was no power gaming but fail RP from both sides please let this be a reminder that if you expect people to be realistic you have to be realistic as well. I'm sure if you would of RPed your car "spinning out of control" after the first successful pit maneuver that situation would have ended you less jail time as well as respect for RPing it. As for the officer involved who went straight for your car yes that is unrealistic as well but I mean we can sit here all day going over things people do and how some people RP better then others. If you feel this officer should be punished there is nothing wrong with the evidence I see from both sides due to you expecting higher RP standards of people yet didn't realise that in that situation they did a successful pit at a high rate of speed which os unrealistic as well but happened due to that's the only way to stop someone for cops atm due to lack of scripting for police chases. I hope both parties understand. Thank you for the report but no punishment will be given at this time. If you feel like this report was looked at wrong please make an appeal on the forums. Thank you for your time and sorry it took long to close up this report @aBottlecap @inorigj. Also feel free to PM me if you have any questions or concerns on discord that you would wish to vent. No punishment will be given and let this be a standard to you both to better your roleplay to spread throughout the community.

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