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Stranger 2454_2187 Fear RP

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Player being reported: Stranger 2454_2187
Date of rule breach: 8/18/2018
Time of rule breach: 9pm
Your characters name: Tomas Jaker
Other players involved: None other players were involved in this situation
Specific rule broken:
Fear RP: Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s life in situations where your attacker is
able to quickly end your life at will. This can come in a form of having a weapon aimed at your character’s
head at close range, where reaching for your own weapon would result in you being killed instantly, or where
your life is in direct danger and any attempt to resist would result in your immediate death.
How did the player break the rule?: A gun was aimed at a girl,i was shouting to get out of the tractor,she began to drive away so i shot the warning shots,she finally stops and starts arguing with me.I repeat to get out of the vehicle multiple times,than getting called a word "nigger" even tho im pointing my pistol right in front of her.
Evidence of rule breach: 
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@KingFancyYT, thank you for making this report.

After reviewing the evidence I found that the player did not break the Fear RP rule. The rules state...


6.1.3. Examples, where your character’s life is not in direct danger:
● An attacker aims their firearm at you while you are in a vehicle. This situation would allow you to duck your
head behind the wheel and either flee, or pull forward and attempt to run the attacker over with your
vehicle in an attempt to escape; If a vehicle is stalled or engine off however the vehicle no longer provides
protection and you cannot attempt to start the vehicle further.

This player had the tractor turned on the entire time so it would allow her to escape while still following the rules of Fear RP.

Report Rejected

Locked & Archived

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