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Mask 1763_6446; Stranger 3886_8713; Mask 3560_1149; Mask 8575_1714 (Ninjalooting + IC and OOC mixing)

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Player(s) being reported: Mask 1763_6446; Stranger 3886_8713; Mask 3560_1149; Mask 8575_1714
Date of rule breach: 8/17/2018
Time of rule breach: 10:00

Your characters name: Ivan Ivanavich
Other players involved:-

Specific rule broken:
3.1.5. [ In-character ] Talking in voice-chat or regular text chat, or using the /shout (/s), /radio (/r) commands is
considered as in-character chat. The same rule applies to all global announcements. In this type of chat, you are not
allowed to use abbreviations or smiley faces, you must use grammatically correct spelling, however we do not
enforce punctuation or capitalization.

How did the player break the rule?: 
Mask 1763_6446 was talking OOC things IC (He said something about ninjalooting).
Stranger 3886_8713 somehow checks his own inventory (note that he is heavily injured).
Mask 3560_1149 somehow checks inventory of other guy and takes his stuff (while he is heavily injured).
Mask 8575_1714 ninjaloots his wounded friend.

Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/video/5b769fbaaaa0440262/rulebreakers
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Stranger 3886_8713 here, AKA Dasmin Nowe. There is no rule that constitutes that I can't do that. That was just to peak my interest whether I have a lot of bobby  pins or not. I did unfortunately. This report is quite weak to such an extent that you can't even constitute which rule am I breaking. I have already rechecked, Powergaming and Non-roleplay don't account for that. Could you also upload the earlier recording part where a lot of you engaged in firing your weapons on people that did not participate in the fight. You just started shooting at people in the crowd to kill. On top of that some of your allies were ninjalooting. Not talking about you, I did roleplay back, on top of that, you don't need to ask for resistance on a downed person if you apply force.

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Hello and thank you for making this report, @Fellicher! @im

Vito_Magelanni (Mask 1763_6446), @aBottlecap Martin_Coyne (Mask 3560_1149), and @TheLukasz Lucas_Harrington (Mask 8575_1714) will have twenty-four (24) hours to respond with their side of the story!

If you see Vito_Magelanni in-game, please notify them of this report as I was unable to locate a forum account for them!


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Hello, This is Vito_Magelanni, yes I said ninjalooting but I didnt know that its a illegal word to use in game, it was a heated situation if i remember correctly, so I may just said it real quick. Learned that lesson already as this was like 10 days ago. If anything else, please let me know, I will learn from my mistakes.

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I was searching that guy and in the middle of that I got shot. I started panicking, spaming random buttons and dropping items by accident from mine inventory into his and other way around.

I understand, how this looks and I will accept the punishment admins decide on.

I contacted Vito_Magelanni, hopefully he will respond shortly.



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