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Stranger 2642_8474 Breaking NLR

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Player(s) being reported: Stranger 2642_8474
Date of rule breach: 15-08-18
Time of rule breach: 1000UTC

Your characters name: Vince Williams
Other players involved: Stranger 8479_7127

Specific rule broken:
5.4.1The new life rule is in effect any time you die and respawn at the hospital no matter the cause of death. Getting yourself downed aka brutally wounded is not considered dying, therefore once you get revived by a medic the new life rule is not triggered.
5.4.3. Both sets of players, attackers and the deceased, should avoid roleplay with each other for 30 minutes. Additionally, the deceased player may not return to the area of their death while the attacking party is present, even if it is just to obtain a vehicle. Both sets of players should not bring up previous deaths when conversing afterward through in-character channels.

How did the player break the rule?: After being shot and killed by a (what I assume)carefully planned attack of stranger 8479_7127, the suspect decided that it was a valid reason to return directly to the scene he was killed.
I immediatly started talking to him in /b telling him he is breaking NLR, he gives the reason that he returned is because of getting the strangers ID since he believed it was DM, although 5 other people were present on the scene to get a stranger ID if it actually was DM.

Evidence of rule breach: Video will be send to the person handling the report since it contains Admin chat

Note:Even though I make this report I do not seek for a punishment of the player, since the player was probably not thinking clear because he thought he got Deathmatched and no parties had a negative RPexperience because of this situation. I only wish that the player gets educated that he should always follow server rules even when someone else is breaking the rules.
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I was the stranger, I went back to what happened and started no rp, didn't say anything in ic chat or anything, I simply went there to get the id, as I did believe it was dm, I don't know if it was or not, but I wasn't able to get the id because I didn't want to get banned or anything, so after speaking for maybe 2 minutes to try and get the id I left.

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