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Faustas_bosenko Ninjalooting

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Player(s) being reported: Faustas_bosenko
Date of rule breach: 15/08/2018
Time of rule breach: around 10:40

Your character name : mask 4964_4219(279)
Other players involved: 

Specific rule broken:
 ninja looting.

How did the player break the rule?: I was selling stolen car and a lot of guys from Vikings came to "ChopShop". Being a friendly guy i asked one of them to stop picklocking my own car. The guy asnwered : Why i should ?. Since i ended selling stolen car thei tryed to do a victim agains me at that fact i tryed to defend my car and my self. After i got injured - Faustas_bosenko ninjalooted me and ran away for while , later came back and ended my life. 
Evidence of rule breach: 


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Hello and thank you for reporting.

Mask 1119_1643 / Faustas_bosenko will not receive a punishment as the player was involved in the situation and therefore I feel it is justified.

Report denied/archived

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