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Stranger 8353_8243, 5.3, Mask 3825_7087,Stranger 2707_3258(Deathmatching 5.3)

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Player(s) being reported:Stranger 8353_8243, 5.3, Mask 3825_7087,Stranger 2707_3258 
Date of rule breach: 8/15/2018 
Time of rule breach: 6:05 AM CT

Your characters name: Tony Ma
Other players involved: Marcus 
Stranger 8353_8243 Randomly started to shoot us with out saying anything after we called the medics for the guy who fell off his city bee.
Mask 3825_7087,Stranger 2707_3258 For Vdm as they ran into us so they he could then shoot us. 

I also believe that they may have been meta gaming as none of them said anything to organize that IC.

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Lying and providing false evidence should be punishable. As you know we had interaction before ( Gun shoot out + u calling the cops ) 


If the logs dosent proof it, which it 100 percent will. I can then post video of it.


Punish this guy for providing false statment and lying to admins inorder to falsely get someone punished.

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You literally said nothing and just rammed and started to shoot us had you said put your hands up It would have been fine (besides the ramming) but you cant just start shooting because we called the medics for a guy who said he crashed his city bee. 

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