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NCZ, Fail RP, NLR -6114_7753, 5258_7439, 5005_5576

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Player(s) being reported: Stranger 6114_7753, (Mask) 5258_7439, Stranger 5005_5576 
Date of rule breach: 15/05/2018
Time of rule breach: Roughly 11am

Your characters name: Matt Trustson

Specific rule broken: No Crime Zone, New Life Rule, FailRP 

How did the player break the rule?: 
Stranger 6114_7753 
This guy broke FAILRP by not responding to the RP and leaving the scene, and I guess he also maybe broke NCZ by possibly killing the man.

Mask 5258_7439
This guy broke NLR by coming STRAIGHT back to the scene of his death not a minute after to collect his vehicle and then driving off.

Stranger 5005_5576 
This guy then broke NCZ (minorly) by attacking the vehicle that was illegally parked. I don't really know if this is enough to punish, but he did commit it.

Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/zpjc3


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Hello Matt and thank you for reporting.

Stranger 6114_7753 / John_Jiggles will receive a punishment for their second offense of Non-RP Behavior.

Mask 5258_7439 / Rodney_Mullen will receive a punishment for their first offense of New Life Rule Violation.

Stranger 5005_5576 / Andrei_Bach will receive a punishment for their first offense of Non-RP Behavior (NCZ Violation).

Report accepted/archived

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