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MASK 9601_9170 (5.5 Non-Roleplay - Ninja loot)

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Player(s) being reported: MASK 9601_9170
Date of rule breach: 2018/13/08
Time of rule breach: 1:00 AM CEST

Your characters name: Jax_black
Other players involved: Anthony_sha.....

Specific rule broken:
5.3 Deathmatch, Vehicle Deathmatch
5.5 Non-Roleplay 


How did the player break the rule?:
5.3 He shot Anthony mask 9055_2294 after he complied with all of his requests. I'd like to add Stranger 4047_4628
 for the shooting at me without giving me enough time to react to his commands after i complied with his initial command as pointed out by @Triple Seven that would be against the rules.

5.5 He robbed a man who did not resist, and shot him in the face and finished him w/o saying a word. 
Then took my stuff w/o any roleplay just looted my corpse and ran away. 


Evidence of rule breach:



Edited by Pbslol
Read the rules more carefully and got help @helpdesk
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Hello Jax and thank you for reporting.

We can not accept evidence that does not have the full context of the situation. Please upload video evidence from the start of the incident and make another forum report.

Report denied/archived

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