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[Refund Request] Tom Handley - Loan.

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Character to be refunded: Tom_Handley

Date and time of incident: 12/09/2021 (When loan was agreed.)

Requested refund (what and how much): $400,000

Description of incident resulting in loss: I run Maze Bank West and we gave a loan out to Douglas however after paying back for a week or two he has stopped and seems like he has left the server with $400,000 of his loan still outstanding.

Evidence of losshttps://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SR9IGybwGbzm9O9YtYocUmJwKFoGhLZ_?usp=sharing


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Loan Amount: $500,000
Total Repayable: $600,000
Remaining: $400,000
75% of Loan Amount: $375,000
Paid by loan taker: $200,000
To be asset removed: $175,000
To be refunded: $175,000

Pending asset removal. Please provide a screenshot of the loan being canceled in the meantime.

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