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Juras K.

Bounty Hunters | "Komondor"

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Hi! Thank you for opening this Organization Topic page!
In this page you will find who we are, why is the name strange, what does it mean and other useful information!
Bounty Hunters | "Komandor" - We are a organization of Bounty Hunters, what does Bounty Hunter(-s) mean? That means we help the government, police and other police units, stations if they need our assistance... We find the people which escaped the police, and if the officers need help and cannot find the suspect, they are free to call us in to take care of it and bring the suspect down to the police station or to try to communicate with the officers for a official takedown strategy..

As said in the title there is a word "Komandor", in which case that means that we are a Bounty Hunter group and a security group which will and can protect you from robbers, any kind of suspects or civilians, serial killers which are trying to kidnapp, kill or murder you...


Please check our website for more and detailed information about us and our job!



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