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Kaleb_White [ID 75], James_Famingo [ID 189] | Non-RP & Deathmatch

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Player(s) being reported: ID 75, ID 189
Date of interaction reported: 25/09/2021
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1632522773

Your characters name: Michael_Saxton
Other player(s) involved: NA

Specific rule(s) broken

9. Non-Roleplay (NRP)

  • Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay.

14. Deathmatch (DM)

  • Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper IC motive and interaction.
  • Players on foot should only be attempted to be hit with a vehicle once with valid motive.
  • Prior interaction should include escalation such as a robbery or a report to the police.

How did the player break the rule(s)?
ID 189 attempted to ram me two times in the video below. ID 75 was told to save POV and his reasoning for killing me is because I'm "a retard". Earlier I was in the race that was hosted and had an accident, and everyone came up on me started harassing me and calling me a retard multiple times, NOTE: I wasn't the only one who hit someone but I was the only who got killed because of this. I think it's very NonRP to start punching me right infront of a cop and reasoning is because I was a "retard". He starts to punch me and downs me infront of everybody, including the cop and the crowd which would have a lot of witnesses for his crime. 

Evidence of rule breach: 

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Thank you for taking the time to make this report.

After reviewing this report and the evidence attached to it, we have decided that this report cannot be concluded at this time. We would like to receive a response from the following player(s) to explain their side of the story:

Michael_Saxton [ID 14]: If you have your full POV of this incident and what happened that lead up to it saved, please upload that.

  • Please explain why you decided to resort to typing "save pov" in /b straight away after you had been injured by ID 75 rather than waiting for the RP to conclude before doing so.

Kaleb_White [ID 75] @Kaleb_White: If you have your POV of this incident saved, please include it in your response.

  • Please explain your side of this incident and what lead you to punch and injure ID 14 in the video evidence provided.

James_Famingo [ID 189]: If you have your POV of this incident saved, please include it in your response.

  • Please explain your side of this incident and the involvement you had in it.

If the requested player(s) do not respond within 24 hours, this report will be concluded based on the evidence that has already been provided, to the best of our ability. 


Moderator RangerSr. Support Gaz

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Hi, ID 189

I'd like to start off by pointing out the amount of context that has been left out by the reporting party in light of making myself and my ally ID 75 look bad. To begin, the reporting party ID 14 was a regular attendee at my event until out of nowhere they decided to steal one of the participant vehicles (Red Issi) and joyride through the city even though there was a heavy gathering of other players including PD not more than 20 feet away from the vehicle being stolen. I find this extremely annoying, not to mention a breach of NRP since no sane individual would knowingly steal a vehicle at a mass gathering with Law Enforcement involved.

Clip1 - https://streamable.com/ndxun7

I proceeded to chase ID 14 into the city where they took a handful of NRP maneuvers, purposely attempted to PIT my vehicle and in the end, hit a a pole resulting in them being flipped. I informed them in OOC chat to return the vehicle since it's breach of server rules to steal it from an area like that and I was ignored, eventually it got to a point where a staff member had to teleport the vehicle back to the event.

At this point we thought it was over and we returned to the event.

A little later, ID 14 returned to the track, once again, stealing once of the participant vehicles (White Issi) and causing tensions during the races. They took the last ramp and intentionally positioned the vehicle in such a way so that it hits the crowd, injuring at least one of the spectators. Once again, NRP, I honestly don't believe it's realistically even possible for the human body to survive a crash like that, and I don't think anyone would willingly put themselves in a position where they'd have to rip through multiple tents, flip at least a couple times and injure multiple civs in their way.

Clip2 - https://streamable.com/dcudc8

We escorted ID 14 outside of the event and asked them one last time to not come back. They loitered around the parking area, going over all the vehicles picklocking them one by one (also while PD was overseeing them), while I don't have POV of this I am certain logs can be checked. This is where the evidence provided by ID 14 comes into play, they were chased from the Rebel Radio parking area all the way to the middle of the event by my ally ID 75 and a couple others after which they stopped in front of PD officer to prevent my allies from hitting them. This is a proper example of Ruleplaying since ID 14 knowingly came to PD in order to prevent getting beat up while they were in an already escalated situation.

Keep in mind, ID 75 had DM rights on ID 14 since they were picking our vehicles, this escalated even further when ID 14 and their friend ID 222 begin snitching to police when my ally begins punching them (Clip3 reference 0:22 ID 14 says "Is this enough proof?" to the cop and 0:23 ID 222 says "See, see cop you fucking idiot?"), this gave all of Drift members DM rights since ID 14 was attempting to get one of our members caught while we were in presence.

Clip3 - https://streamable.com/bqp342

ID 75 reacted to this by punching ID 14 to death while the cop was busy treating an injured individual, the cop didn't have a reaction to his surroundings until I decided to pick ID 14 up in disguise of taking them to the hospital when in reality I took them someplace quiet to rid of their body.

That sums up the whole situation, hope my response sheds some light on the reasoning and the missing context that the reporting party conveniently decided not to provide.

Also, ID 14 didn't stop asking us to save POV after they were picked up, they proceeded to continue, basically threatening us to save POV's because "we're gonna need them".



Edited by Famingo
additional evidence
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CLIP 1 Response: Correct, I did in fact steal it from the event and it got TP'd back to the event. However, white issi I was called up to the event, my name was called up by the announcer. I got in and tried to race, if anyone has a recording of him calling up the names where he said "Michael_Saxton", which proves I was signed up. I hit a bad angle and hit one of the  people in the crowd, NOTE this. Many other contestants had similar accidents and hit others but I was the only one targeted which is laughable. 

Clip 2: "We escorted him" I got harassed by everyone, unfortunately my recording software wasn't on then because I didn't think anything was going to happen. People gathered around started calling me a retard and assaulted me for the reasoning of being a "retard". I loitered around the parking area lockpicking my own car to troll, the police comes up and sees my unlock my own car and I drive away and come back. I never lockpicked anyone elses car except for mine for trolls. If you want proof of that, check the logs. Complete utter nonsense saying I went over every single one when I didn't even touch a single car except for my own. When I was up there, it was clear me for to go down again because I've seen that everyone around me bailed. So I went down to the event again and I know I would be safe because of thousands of witnesses, no one commits a crime in front of a everyone. You can't have DM rights on me because rules state that you don't have DM rights for lockpicking cars and plus I never lockpicked anyones car, but I got beat up for the reasoning of me being a retard which isn't even a good reason.

I didn't threaten anyone, asking to save POV isn't a threat. I'm simply giving you the chance to do so, because everyone seems to ignore it. 

In conclusion, they had no DM rights because of this rule: "I would like to preface this decision appeal by saying that the issuing administrator is correct in saying that having your vehicle picklocked does not provide you with deathmatching rights nor does it warrant a kill on sight approach. ", this was posted by admin Dqniel on my last years ban appeal while I thought the same thing, lockpicking doesnt give DM rights. But even then I never lockpicked anyones car. 

Edited by Michael_Saxton
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Hello, ID 75 here

I think Famingo covers the fact that the clip is taken horribly out of context well, the clip provided only covers the tail end of the confrontation. ID 14 had been entering multiple vehicles in the race when his name was not called and was removed from the vehicle each time, this happened at least 3-4 times. He also had previously completely stolen a red racing Issi used in the event and took it for a joyride, where Famingo chased him, and he returned to the event, breaking server rules and pitting Famingo’s vehicle.

ID 14 is correct when he says his name was called to race, he had not gotten into the white Issi without permission this time and was allowed to race. On the first lap on the race ID 14 had a head on collision with a cop car some distance away from the ramp. I believe that he purposefully hit the cop car, because if he were trying to drive the track, the angle at which his car took would not make sense, it would be aimed more towards the center of the track, not a concrete wall. This head on collision should have been enough for ID 14 to be significantly injured, however he gets right back into the car and on the very next lap takes the ramp at yet another suspicious angle and plows into multiple civilians. You would think that running into the cop car would make ID 14 more weary of the ramp and to take it more cautiously, however he takes it with more speed and an even weirder angle.


https://streamable.com/w2v91p - Hitting the cop car

https://streamable.com/n5d7p9 - Hitting civilians


Once I was made aware that ID 14 was the one that plowed into the crowd, me and a couple other people decided to kick him out of the event. In the beginning of the clip, you can already see ID 14 and ID 32 (Barrie Bonga) getting into a confrontation, this happened a lot at this event with ID 14 causing multiple IC arguments. When I and 3 or 4 other people were surrounding ID 14 and informing him to leave the event he just stood there, pretty much ignoring us. In his response ID 14 claims that he was not told the reason for being kicked out of the event and that he was only called a “retard”. In my full context clip you can see that he is blatantly lying, Me and ID 37 (Toe) stated why he was being kicked out and why we called him a retard. With multiple people surrounding him and asking him to leave ID 14 continued to act shocked that he was getting kicked out and kept asking ‘why’ even though multiple reasons had been given. Once I figured I gave him enough time to leave I started threatening him, someone showed up with a metal bat and ID 14 still had no reaction, he did not seem to mind that he was being threatened with a metal bat. After I gave him one more chance, he decided that he needed cop protection, which I told him “I’ll punch you in front of the cops”. He decided to say some shit back, so I pushed him. At this he started to walk towards the parking lot, and I figured that it was over. However, someone on the radio told us that he was snitching on me and multiple people to the police, I figured at this point, ID 14 still had not left and was now snitching, I would fuck him up. I was going to wait until the cops left to confront him once again, I walked up to the parking lot, got into my car and changed clothes so he would not recognize me. However, I did not have to wait until the cop left because even though we had warned him multiple time, ID 14 ran back down into the event. I made the call to fuck him up if anyone saw him down there and that’s exactly what happened. He ran behind the cop for protection and seeing that the cop was giving someone medical attention, I figured that it would be best to finish him there and then. I had changed into completely different clothes, and if needed ID 189 could give me a ride out of the scene If the cop noticed I was assaulting him. I ran up to the parking lot got into my car and left the event all before any police presence arrived.

https://youtu.be/Epq-VyEgHGY - Context of First Confrontation

https://streamable.com/fzelo5 - Clip of me being informed that he is snitching

https://youtu.be/xPfxrOAHFn4 - Context of Second Confrontation

I would also like to respond to ID 14s response, he states that that lockpicking doesn't give us DM rights, okay- even if that is the case, there were numerous other factors taken into consideration before we assaulted you which have been explained by Famingo in his response. It's uncanny how you point out the fact that you've been made aware of this issue and yet you continue to do the same thing that led to Dqniel making that statement in your ban appeal, seems that you yourself have admitted to baiting us into escalating the situation by pick locking your own vehicle.

ID 14 also states that “So I went down to the event again and I know I would be safe because of thousands of witnesses, no one commits a crime in front of a everyone.” Which is funny because he did the exact same thing when stealing the Red Racing Issi used for the events, in front of ‘thousands of people’ and multiple cops.

I would like to thank Gaz and Ranger for reading this report :)

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We would like to thank you for your patience during the duration of this report's review period.

After reviewing this report and the evidence attached to it, we have decided to deny this report for the following reason(s), and will be issuing the following punishment(s) to the following player(s):

Although we will be denying this report, we would like to leave a short Verbal Warning for ID 75 (@Kaleb_White) before we explain why the report was denied.

  • As we understand the situation and how it panned out, we ask that in future situations you consider when/where the right time/place is to assault a player and when the wrong time/place is (i.e Next to an officer) as you would realistically want to worry about getting reprimanded or in IC legal trouble for assaulting someone. The only reasons that this is not considered a rulebreak is due to the fact that the officer was heavily occupied in treating another individual and due to the large amount of buildup/tension leading to the assault of ID 14.
  • We do not believe that either players broke any rules, due to the fact that there was proper escalation before their actions via a ~10 minute interaction of kicking you out of their event, and due to the aforementioned reason in the above paragraph.

Michael_Saxton will be recieving punishments for:

  • (V)Deathmathing:

    To explain our rationale for this punishment, we would like to direct you to the evidence provided by the reported parties. In the first clip provided (Clip 1) it can be seen that you drove onto the ramp at the event, and hit a police cruiser. Later on, you could be seen doing the same in the second clip (Clip 2), swerving to the right and hitting the crowd of the event spectators.

    In this situation, you were seen hitting a police car after hitting a jump on the ramp, then later doing the same but hitting the spectators at in the crowd. After making a mistake like that (losing control on a jump) we would expect anyone to understand the mistake, and make an attempt to fix/correct the mistake, especially seeing that you were at a competitive racing event where you would ideally want to be in first place and not mess up on the jumps as you did. After some minor investigation done by myself with the same vehicles and conditions of the race, it was very clear that you would have needed to purposely swerve to hit the police car and later the crowd, which leads me to believe that you purposely swerved to perform those two actions.

  • OOC Behavior:

    As seen in the evidence provided and by checking logs, you can be seen telling people to "save pov" in /b 5 times in a span of 13 minutes, even refusing to tell the other players why they needed to save their footage of the situation. We do not see these actions as something that positively contributes to the community in any form. Being a player from 2018, we do not believe there is any excuse for you to act this way, even with an announcement being made addressing the topic which can be seen linked here. In future situations, if you would like to request someone to save their footage/POV, you need to allow the active RP scenario to end, and instead of using /b,/o, or /ooc you should use /pm to not disrupt other people's RP as you did at this event. 

  • Non-Roleplay | Poor Roleplay Behavior (Baiting Reactions/Ruleplaying):

    In the provided evidence from another one of the reporting parties, it can be seen that you were being spoken to about pick locking cars, jumping into the police car/crowd, and screaming things during the event. As people were speaking to you in a threatening manor, you could be seen not giving any reaction even when ID 86 threatened you with a bat. After some more conversation, you were seen/heard saying "Ima go stand by the police, I feel like that is safe." Which is when ID 75 pushed you, and the rest of the situation panned out as seen in the rest of the provided evidence.

    To explain the rationale between the two mentioned sub-rules under the NRP punishment, I will be breaking it up into two parts.

    • Baiting a Reaction:

      As seen in logs you can be seen pick locking your own vehicle two separate times. We do not believe that you had any positive intentions in this situation, as you even stated in your own words "I never lockpicked anyone elses car except for mine for trolls." If you had intentions to steal vehicles at the event it would be fine, although we do not accept that statement as an excuse for any actions like this, and even with you stating that it was "for trolls" reinforces our judgment on believing that you took those actions in an attempt to bait/get a reaction from the group hosting the event, and not to provide any form of proper Roleplay in this situation.

    • Ruleplaying: 

      In this piece of evidence (Clip 3), you can be seen in an argument with ID 75 and many others. You can be seen going back and forth with them as they demand that you leave the event after the previous theft of the red Issi and the accident with the white Issi. It is clear that you are trying to elevate the reactions and tempers of the surrounding individuals from the jokes made about the "racist" remarks. As the tempers of the 8 or 9 people around you rise and the threats start to come in, we would expect you to extract yourself from the situation but instead, you stay and it takes someone to take out a baseball bat and threaten you with it for you to leave. However, instead of leaving the area, you claim "I'mma go stand by the police, I feel like that's safe" and you go over to the police officer knowing that it would be NRP for the individuals to attack you while there is an officer present.


If you have received a punishment that you disagree with, feel free to file a punishment appeal following the punishment appeal guidelines and format. If the reporting party suffered a loss greater than $25,000 in value, feel free to file a refund request following the refund request guidelines and format.

This report is now locked and archived.


Ranger Gaz

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