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Harry thornville

Jip Thornville’s Serial Killer Son

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Jip Thornville and his wife Gene thornville both grew up in sandy shores. Later on in life Jip and Gene decided to have a kid named Harry Thorville. After a while Jip and Gene where both loosing most of their wealth, and became addicted to drugs, Jip and Gene where allways out partying, but one night things got a little to crazy and Jip’s wife Gene was unfortunately shot in the chest causing a severe wound and to much blood loss. Jip unfortunately had to witness this sadness. A couple months later Jip was going crazy and couldn’t stop thinking about her. After Jip had finally got Gene off his mind he had got back to work. he worked at an old junk yard by the highway in sandy. After making some money himself and his child Harry Thornville decided to construct a cabin made from logs in the paleto forest. After a while Jip had been hearing voices of Gene at night telling Jip to do horrible things such as murdering people for her, to make her happy. Jip had been having these voices ringing through his head for around a month and had agreed to what his wife Gene was commanding him to do. Mostly at night when his child was sleeping he would go out and find his victims, he would usually use an axe made from mostly stone. To lure his targets he would always ask them if they wanted to hang, have a beer or help him chop some wood up at his cabin in the forest. After luring them in he would grab his axe and chop off one body part at a time. His axe was so strong it would leave his victims with bones fractured or even body parts decapitated. After he’s finished with them he would leave a note to warn or get the cops attention such as “the mountains poor with blood and more will flood to the unworthy” sometimes he would take his victims into his shack and make them a meal little did they know they where eating Jips last victims flesh, after telling them what was in the meal he would grab his axe and rapidly stab it into his victims. One night his son Harry Thornville woke up to a loud scream, he got up and went outdoors he saw a madness of blood and his dad devouring one of his victims. Harry was in shock of what had happened it was like it hypnotised him to follow his dads way. The cops later on found Jip. Jip tried his hardest to make an escape but was cornered and boxed in by the police. Jip was even shot multiple times in the stomach, he was soon rushed to the hospital surviving his wounds. Harry had visited him in hospital, Jip whisper to him “finish my job son” Harry knew he had to do it and set out on missions to to lure people in and murder them.

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