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Missfire - Elisabeth Parker (Ban Appeal)

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Account name: Missfire
Character name(s): Elisabeth Parker

Admin who issued punishment: N/A (I don't remember)
Date of punishment: 02/25/2018

Reason given for punishment: Teleport Hack

Your explanation of what happened: I accidentally hit an auto teleport key that I had used in GTA online that I had forgotten was installed as it was over 2 months since I had last used it.
Within a few seconds I was banned before I even knew what was going on and it was too late to stop it. I instantly uninstalled it and pleaded to the admin involved (really wish I could remember who it was) to lift my ban to no avail.

Why should your appeal be accepted?: It was an honest mistake. I understand that hacks area a zero tolerance policy but I genuinely miss the server and the community. There is no excuse for even having it in the first place, I just am deeply sorry and wish to return to the server to continue my journey on it.
If this gets denied I wont appeal it again, its been 5 months and I still feel really bad about it. I sincerely hope my plea is heard and my un-ban considered. Thank you for you time.

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Ah, I see.

Anti-Cheat system is always correct.

The decision has been made for the ban to stay in place at this time. Appeal can be made no sooner than 6 months from the date of this post.

Hacking, even on accident, is a very serious offense which we don't stray from our punishment guidelines on.

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