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GOV Truck Engine Situation

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This is quite a simple suggestion:


Certain GOV vehicles like the Fire Truck, Brickade or the RCV can't be locked from the inside or even close to the cabin, with the player needing to go to the centre of the vehicle to lock it.

My suggestion is to make it so (at least) these vehicles have the old system, at least for now, where civilians can't start the engine.

I assume the code for that is still available, and it's a matter of adding an if statement to check if the vehicle has the matching Hex.

This is to avoid situations where an GOV worker steps out of one of these vehicles to be on a scene and someone quickly jumps in and takes it.


Hopefully this doesn't turn into a Cops vs Crims topic and people can actually agree that it's a good idea not to have new players roaming around in stolen fire trucks or brickades every other scene.

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Dashound bus has the same locking range issue. 

I believe if this is lock range issue would be solved there is no need to change back to faction keys. Although I agree it's not realistic to see random PPL stealing a fire truck or brickade ofc! 

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Ya, to be honest too much headache and time wasted from all these "New Players" already, and this just adds to it, I feel like obviously if something is lockpicked it should be able to be stolen but these Randoms just jumping in and yoinking it when a cop is mid /me opens door and helps the man inside the back of the cruiser, or something is getting real old and stupid.

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2 hours ago, gmtavares said:

Yes, buses obviously as well.


An alternative solution would be to allow locking/unlocking (any / these) vehicles from control+x as long as you have keys to them. 



The range of ctrl+X can be a bit insane and it's also not the most user friendly way in my opinion.

I rather just have something where if a player is in a seat that they can lock/unlock, if they have keys.

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