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[RAGEMP MODLOADER UPDATE] Discussion of Eclipse Modding Community

RAGEMP Modding feature  

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Hello my friends from Eclipse Roleplay, today I would like to talk about mods, Rockstar Launcer, Steam, Epic Launcher. And how ECRP management can make our life easy.

It is known that ECRP community is in favor of MODS, NVE, weapon textures, roads, sounds… and the list goes on.

copy your mod folder, then drag and drop the "user_resources" folder where ragemp_v.exe is and confirm replacement if asked. Log in and play with your mod/mods.

That's ALL you have to do to add mods into your game, without replacing files, without risk getting banned from GTA Online, without Rockstar Launcher preventing you from modding your game unless you "install your mods every time you relog" like I do.  I find it really unjust for users with Steam and Epic Launcher to be able to modify their game and enjoy it while those who have the launcher can't. Unfortunatelly Eclipse Roleplay does not have this amazing feature, I don't know why and I hope that this will change. I would like to know your opinion and also vote if you would like ECRP to have this feature. Please share your opinion about modding!


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Easy access to mods would be 11/10. I'd be happy if I could easily add custom weapon sounds, road textures and things like that without having to use some ridiculous, barely documented method that I feel like may or may not get me banned from Eclipse. Everyone wins if something like this is implemented.

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