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Everyone agrees something is broken in Los Santos. Society as a whole has failed. From cops who have spit in the faces of the people, to gangs who have hurt the hard working man, to civilians who pretend to be innocent but deep inside know they have a dark side. At the end of the day, every person in Los Santos wants the city to be better, but no one is willing to fight for a change. Well… We are. We are here to reset society… We are here to make a fundamental difference.

Some may say we’re a gang or a cult… We believe we are a movement. We are what happens when the government fails to fix the problem… Martial law has kicked in.  We will control, we will marginalize, we will rummage through the hate and lawlessness in San Andreas. We won’t stop, until we bring Salvation!



Salvation is a criminal family that hopes to bring a movement to Los Santos. We are predominately made up of a few types of people who you encounter in your everyday life: The working class, the criminals, and the outcasts. One thing every person in this group has in common, we are fed up with the way Los Santos has treated us and are here to change it. We are based in Los Santos, currently in an apartment complex where meetings and activities are held. We want to gain control and moderate the city ourselves. Legally: We are a group of bodyguards who will protect people for payment. However, at the end of the day we are vigilantes who want to control the illegalities of Los Santos. 



Salvation started off as a tightly knit family, hellbent to remove the corruption and evil that plagues the city of Los Santos. Max Meyers, also known as Messiah, Jason Campitelli, and Joseph Stones were the main spark that began the movement within Los Santos. As more members began joining the family, the goal became simple, but difficult. Reaching the point of being the powerhouse of San Andreas that no one, not even the Irish at this point had obtained. The family grew, and the gems began to flourish to the top. Members from Weazel news, members from other organizations such as the Clowns and Kudo Kai had formed into Salvation.

After the disbanding of a few major groups that Salvation had made contact with, everyone knew it was time to kick into high gear. Meetings were held, and the group began flourishing with money with deals they had made with other groups. The only thing was, people were starting to get hungry with power, and madness started setting in. Messiah reached the breaking point, and the family he flourished into creation seemed too much for him, and in a mental state of rage, the 3 main creators of the movement lay dead on the floor.

After a long time of discussion, the remaining members of the family knew that the morals of the group meant too much to the civilization, and without the key battery of their Messiah, the group began working through differences and continuing towards their common goal, bringing Salvation.



-Establish a hierarchy and diplomacy within the group

-Gain trustworthy members who are willing to die for the cause and each other.

-Begin connections with other gangs

-Gain money to set up operations and gain power. (Money = Power)

Acquire an area to officially designate as a HQ



-Gain influence and control through expanding our turf.

-Acquire enough finances to purchase a warehouse for operations 

-Gain influence and control through entering the drug trade

-Gain influence and control through entering the gun trade.

-”Rehabilitate” Los Santos





The General is the leader of Salvation. They are the individual that runs the entirety of the family and oversees all operations. This is the person who ensures smooth transitions when it comes to the legal and illegal sides of operations.

Colonels are the 2nd in command of the group, otherwise known as high command. These individuals run the show when the General is out of town or otherwise preoccupied, and have their own specific areas of expertise. These individuals are usually seen alongside the General to maintain the family.


Captains are the commanders of Salvation. These people place the people on the ground and by this point have shown extensive competency and leadership abilities. These soldiers are also in charge of organizing activities for the group, ensuring smooth execution of said activities. 


Specialists are long term members of Salvation that have shown they can lead either in specific areas or as a whole. These members are ones who can be put in charge of situations to prove themselves further and give them more opportunity to progress within the family.


Mercenaries are members of Salvation that have shown dedication to the cause and to the family. These members have put in many hours of hard work to show their allegiance to Salvation.


Grunts are individuals who have proven their loyalty and their core values match with the standards of Salvation, and are trusted with most of the actions the group does such as securing drops, gun and drug deals, etc.


Recruits are not officially with Salvation, but they are people who have expressed interest in operations, and are intently scouted to become an official member of Salvation.



***Should you fail to follow this code, your future in the family will be in question***

-We are a family, we look out for each other and never harm one another.

-Respect all members and the chain of command

-Do not confide anyone not in a neutral or allied status with Salvation any information that would compromise the state of the family

-When in public and over radio in situations including chases, shootouts, etc, members must refer to each other as their code names.


OOC Rules

-ZERO tolerance policy when it comes to OOC toxicity. It does not belong in ECRP.

-Do not use our discord to talk to each other about In Character things.

-Cannot become a member if engaged with other gangs (I.E. dead in an active war or in another groups F4 menu)

-Must have more than 10000 XP to officially join (Otherwise will be placed as recruit)

-If you are going to be inactive for a long period of time (3 days or more), let us know in advance.

-Do not argue with admins as their say is final.


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Chase Allen - The Early Life

Life started off with aspirations of being one of the most well known and well revered street racers to ever fly in to Los Santos. Chase wasn't always an Allen, he was formerly known as Joshua Cervantes. From day 1, finding anyone I could to race, trying to fit in to different groups, Midnight Club was the goal. After weeks of non-stop racing, Josh found his group of friends taking laps at Observatory. Kelso Mathers and Hayley Swan took him in as their own, tossing him keys to the fastest cars with the rules "You break it, you buy it." 

When racing was no option, whether LSPD was coming for us, or not enough people were around to run a competitive contest, Josh found friends to do things with, that most people only dream of or do in video games. Deakin Storm was his closest friend, as well as Kirky Woods. Any time an extra gun was needed, a spare pair of hands, Josh got the call and never disappointed and was always eager to assist anyone affiliated with Los Zetas. Meeting everyone from Jay Gamble down to the others trying to make their name in the organization.

Sadly, the story doesn't end happily. Los Zetas disbanded right when things started to look good, and Josh was solo once more. Time had passed, laps were counted, and things looked like Josh would never get back to where he wanted to, and almost lost his lust for blood. That is until someone he met on the way, Drain Kivimaki, told him about a group starting up, one that had great aspirations, known as Death Row led by Mike Laurie, a name he had heard from the days of The West Coast Assassins. There, he met with Los Aztecas members and leaders, one of which became one of his better friends in the city, Ricky Brasco, someone he still to this day gets mistaken for. 

Weeks passed, Death Row disbanded, and for the 2nd time, Josh was with no one, but it wasn't for long. Andrew Steinler was someone Josh had worked with, and had seen the potential he brought. Not even a day after Death Row disbanded, he was offered a position in La Familia Michoacana. 



To be continued....

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Chase Allen - Love, LFM, and Loss

It was something he had only dreamed of, Josh made it into a real family, and he had his current love Paige West with him. Their entire focus wet towards progressing throughout ranks, meeting other higher ups and gaining vital experience that was used not only then, but even to now. Time, sweat, effort, all brought together to make the dream work. Money was made, and their goals started shifting. Instead of working alone every night, the two purchased a house in Del Perro and created a living environment that would in turn thrive their progression by being able to store items in places other than in a stash Warrener.. Yes, Josh was down that bad early on.


Multiple meetings with people around the couple being promoted, but their names being left out, things started to seem bleak for them. Thoughts raced around about leaving La Familia and getting their own thing started. They were pushed to stay by Teejay Shakur and Andrew Steinler, as well as getting high praise from the leader of LFM Tyrone Shakur.

The couple stayed together in LFM and made strides together, the two eventually growing their relationship as Josh popped "the question" to her. Now engaged, things were stronger than they had ever been, LFM was rolling, Josh was having one of the best times of his life, that was until all good things came to an end. Only those in uniform and a few lucky men and women were able to survive the massacre, and due to the hiatus and numbers lost, LFM was no longer the force to be reckoned with, and the reign of LFM as well as Aztecas, was over, both of them disbanded.

There was not much Josh had left other than his soon to be wife, and he leaned on her whenever he could, as she would him. Then came the call that [REDACTED] was back in town, and it all went downhill. The engagement was off, her items were moved out, all was lost, until a few old friends had a meeting with Josh, and after time of waiting and logistics, Josh's Kudo Kai progression was born...


To be continued....

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The thing about chaos is that while it disturbs us,

it too forces our hearts to roar in a way we secretly find magnificent. 

- Christopher Poindexter

[The Before]


What began as eight was now four as the pieces of what Salvation once was began the painstaking process of being put back together. 

One lead, no longer their Messiah. Three high command, the two at her side men she'd trust with her life even if they held a glinting blade to her throat. Below them, men and women from the past and the present colliding to become the new dream that was and looking to them for guidance. 

What came next? Where does one traverse when the path before them is unpaved and the way back home is littered with bloodshed and tears? The answer was beautifully simple yet altogether impossible at once: forward. Salvation moved forward and Jacqueline was more determined than ever to continue placing one foot in front of another.


There was no turning back now.






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Twenty Five

I am Charlie Bankshot, part of a part of a wonderful family that loves me. The world is painted black and white and we are the grey that cuts through both. The kind voices tell me I am wanted and needed and that my mistakes are not the end of me. 

I'm sorry it might not last. 

Twenty Four 

I wake up in the city. There are flippers glued to my feet. What the fuck happened? That birthday party was wild and I don't remember any of it. I have no phone, no car, no money, no shoes, no idea where I am and no friends to ask. I am scared.  But there is a kind voice in the dark. 

I'm sorry I couldn't hold my drink. 


Twenty Three 

The sheep are annoying to me. My step-sister's annoying and my routine is boring. Fishing doesn't really cut it for me. Would it be too much to ask for a change of pace? 

I'm sorry I'm complaining. 

Twenty Two 

I like the sheep. They're so cute and my new step-sister is nice. I feel like she and Elizabeth would have gotten along really well.  New dad is going to take me fishing this week. But this place doesn't feel like home yet. 

I'm sorry, it will take time. 


Twenty One 

Mom wants to get married to this Bankshot fellow. I think they're a perfect match, and it will be nice to not live in a car. I got fired for my attitude again but deep down I know its the smell. 

I'm sorry I can't keep a job. 



Mom met someone new at the hospital. He can't pick up the broken pieces but maybe he'll have a new puzzle for us instead. 

I'm so tired and if this guy works out, he can help pay for stuff. 

I'm sorry I can't keep us afloat. 



The broken bones and bruises will heal. Mom is on life support. He's in prison but I want him dead.

I'm sorry I wasn't fast enough. 



Mom is screaming and my birthday cake has hit the wall. Dad has kicked the dog three times and I am on my tenth drink. I am happy I am old enough now. 

I'm sorry I did nothing.  



I can't stop thinking about her. Mom blames me. Remus blames me. Dad might blame me if he was ever sober.

I'm sorry I couldn't hit the brakes faster. 



Mom bought me a car! It goes so fast! I can't wait to drive it. But I'm worried. The bills have been piling up recently and dad's been home a lot lately. I hope they were able to afford it...

I'm sorry I didn't buy it myself. 



I'm hot and sticky and Sean didn't want to stay the night. He's the only one who came to the party and nobody would find out. When we finished, he told me he had to go pick up his girlfriend. 

I'm sorry I didn't say no. 



I got a puppy! He's so cute! Mom says he will help me when I'm scared or angry. The therapist says going for walks and playing with him will help with some of the pent up frustration. 

I'm sorry I wasn't able to control my temper. 



School sucks. Sean graduated with me and followed me like a bad taste. My chest hurts where the ribs got broken. People have been bullying me a lot lately because of my name and then laugh when I fight back. I have to see a therapist at the school. They said I started it. I just hate being called Charlotte. No presents this year because dad didn't get that promotion, either.

I'm sorry I called Sean an asshole.  



I'm so excited to go to my new school, but I'm a little scared that Elizabeth can't come with me. She gets picked on a lot by that Sean guy. 

I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough to protect her. 



My teachers called home today. Mom sounded angry at dad. I can hear them yelling and keep hearing the word report. Report card, maybe? 

I'm sorry I'm not smart enough to get all the questions right.



I wished to be a doctor one day.  Dad told me my birthday wish was stupid. He was just teasing me. I told him he was stupid. I was just teasing him. My bum hurts where he spanked it. I should hide his special sodas to get back at him.

I'm sorry I teased him. 




I tracked a lot of mud into the house after a dirt war with Elizabeth today. Mom rolled her eyes and chuckled. Dad sent me to bed without supper. 

I'm sorry I got dirty. 



I got to ride a pony today but I fell off. Dad laughed. Mom picked me up and dusted me off. Elizabeth hugged me all better.

I'm sorry I wasn't good enough to stay in the saddle. 



I gave mom and dad a picture. Mom put it on the fridge. Dad was too tired from working to look at it when he got home.

I'm sorry I wasn't a good enough artist to make him feel better. 



I got into a fight with Sean at school today. He took my crayons. 

I'm sorry I wasn't able to stand up for myself.



Mom got me a backpack for my birthday with a dragon on it. She says I get to start school in September. I asked if Elizabeth can come with me. Mom said she's not old enough yet. I tried to see if Elizabeth could go in my bag. 

I'm sorry I wasn't able to make her fit. 



Dad got me a cake with a princess on it. I cried. I hate princesses. I want to be a ninja when I grow up. I smashed the cake. 

I'm sorry I'm not a girly girl. 



I am Charlotte Aberdeen , part of a wonderful family that loves me. The world is painted black and white and we are the grey that cuts through both. The kind voices tell me I am wanted and needed and that my mistakes are not the end of me. I giggle. 

I'm sorry I can't understand how much money I cost. 



My mum and dad give me kisses. 

I'm sorry I'm not old enough to appreciate them. 



Cake is yummy.

I'm sorry I made a mess. 



Dad wanted a boy. 

I'm sorry I was born a girl. 


(OOC This was HEAVILY inspired by the amazing poem "21" by Patrick Roche. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LnMhy8kDiQ PLEASE give it a listen.))

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Bad Dreams

Damien had been reeling in from the trauma caused by a disaster that was out of his control, a prison trip and a nasty injury. He was beaten down and looking for a distraction when a call came over the radio from Chase “Damien, you want your chance to show you can lead? Get your bike and your gun to bayview in 5 minutes, don't wear colors” and with that he switched into gear.


Damien arrived at a convoy in Bayview of what looked like a group 14 deep in biftas, cars and bikes when Chase called him over and said “We’re rolling labs deep tonight. You’re gonna be our main scout, I’m trusting you with this” Now Damien had scouted on some risky ops before so he knew the jist of what he was getting himself into, or so he thought. 

After a verbal argument with 67 breaks out in the bayview lot the convoy splits up and Damien gets call outs to scout North then Braddocks. North-clear so he moved to Braddocks and on his descent another altercation began when some people started accusing the group he was scouting for of following them around and suddenly there were 5 more of them pulling up.

Damien goes to scramble but his bike gets damaged by one of the brawlers so he frantically jumps into the car of one of the guys he was rolling with, shortly down the highway he hears Chase over coms yell “We’re gonna have to fight them now we just shouted demands!” Now the fact there were only a handful of them and 14-15 of us it should have been an easy outnumber- if even HALF of them decided to show up.

Damien and Chase found themselves fighting a 4v10 firefight against 67 outside a gas station, Damien being half naked with only a .50 is doing his best to get pot shots off but he gets the call to dip out because it’s getting too hot, this is where more problems arose. The guy he was riding with kept reversing when he was trying to get into his car. Trying to save chase instead of Damien despite Chase demanding the man take Damien instead, Damien ends up getting ripped to shreds by auto fire in this process as he watches the car drive off leaving a big cloud of dust. He looks up at the barrel of an AK-47 and braces for impact.




He wakes up in Paleto hospital, dazed and confused as to what had happened; he seemed to be suffering from amnesia. A doctor comes over to him and explains why he was there, turns out he had driven his bike off a cliff again doing his stupid stunts and hit his head on the way down.

The whole ordeal turned out to be one big bad coma dream

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We're all a little broken, it's how the light gets in. 




Last seen: At the [REDACTED] by [REDACTED]

Vehicle Information: Red [REDACTED] with LP unknown

Course of action: Text members on sight, first to receive text calls out exact location on the radio. Member with [REDACTED] shall not under any circumstances call out on the air. ALL members in the city make immediate location- proceed with caution. [REDACTED] is highly unstable and has kidnapped two of our own. May do so again. 

Status: Irredeemable





Last seen: At the [REDACTED] by [REDACTED]

Vehicle Information: Silver [REDACTED] with LP [REDACTED]

Course of action: Recon stage. Follow if safe to do so. We are aiming to find who [REDACTED] spends his time with, when he is in the city, where he lives. No information is too small. If spotted, call on the radio. NO DIRECT INTERACTION WITH [REDACTED] SHOULD OCCUR AT THIS POINT IN TIME.

Status: To be determined




Jacqueline's fingers hovered over the keys of her laptop as she finished typing in the secured file, chewing thoughtfully on her bottom lip. So much had changed since Messiah had shattered the organization into sharp fragments and so much more had been rebuilt. It was still reforming- bits and pieces of what they had once been were being fit into a new picture, a new goal, a new family and the edges were slowly closing together. Soon, they'd have nothing but gaps to fill in and the framework would be complete. 

She closed the laptop with a quiet click as her legs crossed in the chair and her eyes closed, the sounds of the canal drifting through the open window and washing through her. It felt like it had been weeks since she'd had a moment to herself, with no radio chatter or phone calls demanding her immediate attention. Thoughts drifted to the last few days- of Billy Bluewater and his kidnapping her, of arguments in training as everyone was taught all that Salvation knew, of silly dance parties in the car lot and of monitoring store robberies or picking at farms before they finally settled on one particular meeting in the rain after she'd been set free from Billy's car. 

"With your permission, Jackie, I'll see to it that myself and Donnie ensure Billy never sees another day. We'll skin him alive for what he's done to you and Charlie." 

She had been surrounded by family. Men who had dropped everything to rescue her, to chase a sociopath through the streets even as he held a gun to her head and demanded he merely wanted to talk. Jacqueline knew every one of them wanted to tear him apart for what he'd done and she couldn't blame them. Had she known what she knew now, that Billy had lied to her blatantly about what had brought him to this point, perhaps her answer would have been different. 

"I can't give you that, Chase, but I won't stop you all from doing what you feel needs done. All I ask is you keep in mind before you act that we promised this man a family and took it from him. We abandoned him. Regardless of his actions, imagine what that must feel like- having your family taken away from you when you've never had one before and thought you'd finally found home." 

Jacqueline could see the boys bristle. She thought for certain her request would be denied until Echo spoke up. "Salvation used to offer a last chance. A judgment, if you will. An interview... only then, once they've showed they cannot be saved, do we act." 

"How many chances do we give him? He's kidnapped two of us. He kidnapped Jackie." Donnie's voice was hard and cold as he held onto her, as if afraid she'd disappear again the moment he wasn't touching her.

Talisman piped up then, his gaze darkened. "If we just go in guns blazing, what sets us apart from any other organization? We're supposed to be different."

She could hear the silence that followed even then in her bedroom, deafening in its roar as anger was swallowed and heads began to nod. 

"We give him one more chance," Chase said curtly. "That's what will set us apart."

Mother Nature was as relieved as Jacqueline then, a booming thunderclap in the sky above drowning out her sigh of relief. 






She awoke an hour later, still curled in the chair with the sounds of the canal reminding her she was no longer standing in the rain surrounded by family but in her bedroom, safe, with a man who loved her more than he loved himself slumbering peacefully a few feet away. So much had changed since Messiah shattered Salvation into sharp fragments but no matter how much blood had been shed one thing had not. Salvation, what it was and what it was going to be, was a family.


It was different. 



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One Month 


It had been just over a month since Damiens life changed for the better, ever since he knocked out some scrappy girl on the pier who ended up getting him in front of high command of an organization that he was being scouted for. Little did he know these people he was trying to win over would eventually become his family, the people he is closest to and would go to hell and back for. A lot has happened in that time, a lot of highs and lows. From Damien working till his hands bled to help secure a million dollar deal as a recruit to being promoted all the way up to specialist, having his say in business matters and meetings. Interviewing people who were once in his position looking for someone to take them in. Damien has worked himself half to death for the sake of his family and risen through the ranks at an incredible pace, So why didn’t he see it that way?


There are a lot of words that could be used to describe him, if you asked him he might say “Smart, charming, sexy, Amazing all around really” while others might see him as “Arrogant, hot headed, cocky, undeserving” But one thing that is for certain is that behind it all he is a perfectionist to a fault. If Damien doesn’t do something 100% perfectly he will be his harshest critic. Ever since the [INCIDENT] at [LOCATION] he has been struggling with this mindset. He was sure that he had either sunk the organization or was about to get dismissed. Despite High Command telling him that it wasn’t his fault he still felt burdened by the responsibility he needlessly took upon himself. 


This kept eating at him for a while and began to make him feel distant from his family, he doesn’t want to make his problems everyone else's as they have enough to deal with. He began to fall into an abysmal state of trauma, feeling the shrapnel pierce through his skin, the fire spreading onto the walls as Charlie desperately tried to get him up. “Leave me, get out of here let me die” he muttered before passing out in the haze of chaos, waking up in the back of a cruiser vomiting up his own blood.


He began to doubt his own abilities, what had he really done? Helped pull off deals that benefitted the family and greater good? Support his family and comrades? Be the voice of reason when egos begin to boil over? Help track down and eventually find Jackie in the back of a car during her kidnapping? None of it was enough for him, he felt as if he didn’t provide ENOUGH for the organization.


That’s when it struck him, he has only been in the city for over a month. One month isn’t a lot of time when you stop to think about it, even less for experience in his line of work. In one month he has done all of this plus more, He realized that he needed to stop comparing his one month of experience to his peers months or even years of experience they had over him. 


“Jackie, I want you to give your brutally honest opinion on me”
“I think you have a great deal of potential Damien, I really do. But your arrogance makes you write cheques your ass can’t cash”

He knew he had a long way to go, that he had made mistakes and bad calls in the past. But he has also made great ones too. Where would he be six months from now-even a year? Only one thing was for certain, this lovable asshole wasn’t going anywhere.


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Old Friends, New family: The fall and rise of Ry'ac Dex

"I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams". Ry'ac thought to himself. Always the one to want more from life, anything. Even the tiny things would please Ry'ac. For as long as he was achieving his goal of becoming someone, finding someone, someone to call a friend, someone to call a brother or a sister, someplace to call home, just constantly moving forward in becoming a better person and creating an impact on people's lives.

 When Ry'ac first came to the city, he found it hard to fit in. Constantly changing his personality to fit in with the crowd or bouncing from acquaintance to acquaintance, freelance job to a beginning of gang life. Then, one day, Ry'ac met a group of fellow Welsh men and a few Europeans for who Ry'ac yet again changed his personality, matching what he thought would be a funny, bad-ass, kill-a-cop, do-say-anything type of guy, and that's just what he was. Someone who didn't know where the line was. These newly found friends introduced Ry'ac to their gang or Ry'ac, a potential group of people to call a family. "Finally, some stability", Ry'ac thought, and he was correct for the most part. 

So Ry'ac decided to hang around with these people, doing the odd job of mining, oil running and bus routes for these people, helping to build something. But after a while, a decision was made in which we start to branch out into robberies and police chases as if his life was a cop-action movie. It was in these moments, Ry'ac saw something. He saw betrayal. He saw dishonesty, unforgiveness, corruption. But these things did Ry'ac not find in his newly found friends. He found them in the police force, the laws, the gangs and the organizations that feed the dishonesty, unforgiveness, corruption and allow it to happen without batting an eyelid. 

As the weeks, months and years passed, Ry'ac was in and out of jail, making some friends along the way, some from friendly members of some gangs, some enemies and some (to be soon) potential family. Ry'ac and his crew of oil mining, ore smashing friends continue to slave away, scraping by, consistently landing in indecisiveness and no idea which way to take and progress the crew. Ry'ac had enough. It was at a milestone moment, Ry'ac finally stood tall and said, "I am done." Three words that ended his partnership with his found friends, at least for now. Ry'ac went searching for something & someone yet again. But this time, Ry'ac knew this was going to be different. Because he knows what he wants. What he needs. He needs salvation. Salvation from all the harm that society has brought upon him. Salvation from all the dishonesty, unforgiveness and corruption that this city has. 

So the search began. Salvation. It's not just a word. It's a people. A group of people who do wrong to do good and with some searching, calling in some contacts and some hope, some optimism. He found [REDACTED]. Standing there against the wall of [REDACTED] garages. A few questions later, and that was it. True family. True salvation. Hope. Optimism. Dreams. 




Jgc8atq - Imgur.png

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No one escapes tragedy unscathed but in the case of Donnie Drakk, his tragedies nearly burnt him to a pile of ash on the floor, ready to be swept away and forgotten. The death of his parents and high school sweetheart could have been the end of him and in some ways, it was. A piece of himself died with them and he had given up any hope of a bright future. He arrived in Los Santos at the urgings of friends and the prospect of an underground racing community but even the flashing lights of the city and the roar of engines flying down the street couldn’t wipe away the memories of all that he had lost. It was nearly inevitable walking down the path he traveled: a life of crime, the joining of an organization called The Clowns, a list of felonies underneath his belt. Donnie had accepted perhaps this was the best life has got. After all, he was surviving. Not really living seemed a small price to pay for a heart continuing to beat in his chest. 

His story could have easily ended there, lost in an endless sea of tedium and necessity only to finish as quietly as it had started, with his new found friend leaving the clowns as they slowly fell apart. Had it not been for the chance meeting of a wonderful lady at the toll booths, he would have left the city for good. Just the sound of her voice would leave him with a smile for days. A few weeks had passed without hearing from anyone, including the lady from the toll booths; he continued to focus on making money after leaving the clowns. He got a phone call from the friend that left before him, “ hey buddy, got a proposition for you.” His friend had joined a new organization going under the name of Salvation, they were supposed to be different from the other low life gangs that ran the city. “A spark of light in the dark” is what caught Donnies attention. Ending the phone call he stopped at a store and grabbed some drinks and an extra burger hoping he would find her in the spot they last met. Giving it some thought after sleeping on it Donnie called up his friend in Salvation, “I’m in” he said. After a few quick words Donnie was instructed to meet his friend down at the pier where he would have a talk with the head of recruitment.“ If T says your family, then you are family.” he was told. Without hesitation, Donnie accepted his Salvation. 

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How deep is your faith in this organization, Damien?” Chase asked point blank, The question confused him at first. Was it a test of his resolve or his trust? Damien thought about it for a second before replying bluntly “There were many times I could have walked away, I could have explored different avenues and avoided a lot of tragedy in doing so. Hell I could even have left the city if I wanted to, but I’m still here aren’t I?”

His high command went silent for a few seconds before responding to his answer, Damien not sure himself if he had said what they wanted to hear. “Well listen, we know you’re a quick learner. And you remember how when I met you I said I keep notes on all of our members? Well with what we’re about to say you’re gonna have to learn a shitload quicker” said Chase, not breaking eye contact for a split second before putting his hand on Damiens shoulder. “If you would accept it, we want to promote you to Captain and make you head of recruitment. You have the skillset and the personality to do it, but you’re gonna have a lot on your plate” This much was true, Salvation had gained 16 new recruits in a matter of 24 hours the momentum was blinding. 


This would make Damien responsible for these recruits, their training and marking their task progression. A huge responsibility for one person let alone one who has worked under people all his career, he began to wonder what they saw in him that made him suitable for such a role. Nevertheless he trusted his high command with his life so he wasn’t about to start doubting their judgement call about him. He had already been there for the recruitment of 6 new members, now receiving a text from the 7th that day to go meet at the observatory. On the drive there it began to settle in how much he was going to have to learn and improve on if this was going to work. He had gone from standing nervously in front of a recruiter 6 weeks prior to being in command. Given these were the craziest 6 weeks of his life and the amount of events both good and bad had hardened him into something greater than he once was, he couldn’t help but still feel over his head. Today had been a whiplash of events from start to finish.


On the drive back from a successful interview, he asked Jackie what she thinks. Jackie turns to him and asks with a serious tone “Are you ready for this? Are you ready to BE command?” 

He knew he had to be, Damien was no stranger to taking risks both good and stupid. If he hesitated now then he would never be ready. He realized it all rested upon him now and he wasn’t going to fuck this up.

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A change of pace

"It's been 3 months, and here I am, fucking farming wheat, fishing and driving busses for a living" Magnus Thorson was livid one day waking up in the back of his Emperor, it's been a few months and nothing has come from his time in the city and it was dawning on him. Between meeting the odd farmer, bus passenger, or fisherman at the pier, Magnus was really quite alone. Between the odd hitch-hiker, lady or lad in need, Magnus really hasn't done anything to cement his name in the city. During a sunny afternoon fishing at the Del Perro Pier, and an odd encounter with a "Wizard". Some citizens were just trying to find some solace, because this said "Wizard" wasn't necessarily causing any harm, he was just extremely annoying and unbearably loud. 

"Damn, it's loud over there, mind if I come here to fish a bit?" A classy fellow walked up wearing a Black Polo, something similar to what he was already wearing, the little "Yeti" on the breast of his shirt gave it away. He held his head high as if he was a someone in the city, and Magnus just knew, this man was someone. Kind of intimidated but not overly fearful of the man standing next to him at this point.


"Yeah man, it's nice and quiet over here... Fish are biting quite a bit." Thinking he sounded like a dumb ass, he shook his head inconspicuously and snickered because he doesn't embarrass easily. Reeling a fish and chuckling as the the loud "Wizard" made his way over to show a trick, before venturing off to a new location on the pier. Magnus widens his eyes, scratches his ear lobes from the sound on it's own. "What the absolute fuck was that guy all about?"


"Oh that's Tim the "Wizard", it's just something he does, he truly believes he's a wizard, but his tricks are mediocre at best." The man in the black Yeti polo spoke and chuckled almost simultaneously, before reeling in his own fish. "What's your name man, what do you do? My name is Trevor Rider." Extending a hand and surprisingly warm smile. The two grasped one another's hand and began to exchange a few conversations while fishing for the time being. A few minutes past, a few moments of "Tim the Wizard" also came and gone. The atmosphere suddenly went from friendly and chill, to business and speculation...
"So Magnus, what do you do in the city? You got a job? Affiliated with any "Organization"? Or just a fellow fisherman looking to make a living?"


Underneath Magnus' bucket-hat beads of sweat started to form and further absorb into the hat itself. "I'm just a freelancer, I farm, fish, drive busses... I do it all really, just trying to make a living, but man is it ever fucking boring. I wake up, decide which job to go to, and just work hours on end, and as much as the money does add up... The payout is absolute shit. It's almost a poetic justice, coming from Canada, I used to be a Barber, owned my own shop, had a whole team of people... Was thinking about opening another one, but here I am driven out of my town because of the local Biker gang. I was already thinking about packing shop and moving down south into the States. I had a cousin down here and well, he got me set up, but then he himself kind of up and left." Under his aviators, his eyes didn't tear up, but they were fixated on the ocean in front of him before snapping back to reality, and awkwardly chuckling at the small "blurb" of his life story so far. "But I wouldn't mind being a part of something, I can't see myself working a government job, or under an enterprise like a Taxi-driver, or a Mechanic. I need some excitement in my life, some form of routine that doesn't include fishing or farming day in and day out... Maybe a sense of Brotherhood, or a group of people that see themselves as a family. I don't wanna join some random gang that just rob the first person they see. I may be good, but I am also quite bad."

It's almost as if a lightbulb, or a trigger got pulled because the snap of Trevor was loud and to the point, but at the same time very incognito and on the "hush-hush". Trevor himself reeling in a fish but speaking as if he wasn't directly speaking to Magnus. The two spoke about what he stands for and the "family" that supports him and who in turn he supports. Speaking of the ideals of turning the corruption upside-down, helping those less fortunate, almost being the "Batmen" and "Batwomen" of Los Santos. Upstanding citizens with a "Dark" but not so blinding "Light". You can almost hear and sense the passion and enjoyment in his voice as Trevor spoke of his "Organization". It's almost as if he finally found himself a home, and he want's everyone to know, but that's just not the best idea.




That one word got Magnus thinking, almost daydreaming about what could be. With an exchange of numbers, and a day or two in between. The two decided to take a lap or two at the Observatory. Not knowing Trevor has already somewhat accepted Magnus into the group, before long, a squadron of cars, decked in white. A family of men and women exiting each car, dressed in fancy, business casual, and casual wardrobe, all signifying one specific color... White. Before long, the group introduced themselves as if Magnus was known from the get-go. After a few introductions, one of the "Head Honchos" began to speak, and although he seems to have an eerie atmosphere about him, he knows what he want's and he addresses everyone not as soldiers, but as fellow peers. Almost like a Brother, Sister, Auntie or Uncle. "I guess I'm not the only one who thought this was a good idea" a thought that rung true inside the confides of Magnus' skull. 


After a few hours of hanging out by the observatory, the sun was rising, a new day was dawning, a new beginning and a change of pace. Magnus got some good sleep that night, not having to totally be a freelancing nobody, and slowly becoming a part of something big in the city of Los Santos. What do you think can be said or done to change a man entirely? Sometimes it's just a word, an idea, and a motion. In this case, Salvation.



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rebirth of Don Russo in the Salvation Family


After Don and his friends left the Salvation family couple months ago Don felt extremely aimless, even though Don and friends had an aim for starting their own crew... internal relationships started to be unstable which was hard for Don to watch.
Eventually Don started questioning if this was the right move he had made, he left Salvation because of his own morals and disagreeing with how the show was run under Messiah's command.
But after Ry'ac left our crew and joined Salvation, Don still hung out with Ry'ac and saw how happy he was not having to drill oil all day and having so many friendly faces around him.
This made Don question his past choices and had some very, very hard choices to make.

Don was stuck between 2 worlds, on one side his friends and his lovely wife....on the other side a group he was comfortable with calling family.
He started talking to Chase who told Don that ALOT has changed since he left and after a long deep conversation on what had happened and changed Don started thinking this might be the move, especially after they told him that he would have a Specialist role because of Don's shown courage and loyalty is certain situations.

This was it,, This would be the day that Don was going to tell Syrax that he wants to get out of Legion and join back the Salvation family...

Members of our crew started having a meeting with Leader Syrax taking the word: "What would you guys think if we would all join Salvation"
Don's jaw drops... this is it, THIS IS THE BEST POSIBLE OUTCOME! Don's friends, Wife AND the family of salvation all in one.

Don gladly accepted Chase's offer of a Specialist rank and felt so comfortable being back among friends... NO... Family

This is the time where Don is going to shine the brightest.

This is the time where Don Russo will be REBORN!


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"Who I am doesn't matter." 




It was the start of a whirlwind conversation that left High Command with more questions than answers; it ended as abruptly as it had began. By the time the two masked men departed, Salvation had strict instructions, demands of secrecy, and a simple phrase that seemed dangerous despite its banal existence. Somewhere laced within all the confusion was the knowledge whomever was watching them, whomever has tasked them to defend something they knew nothing of, they saw something good in the organization the four had bled over to keep alive after Messiah's massacre. It was a dim light, a flicker of something that could just as easily go out, but it was there... and it was enough. It had felt for days now they had grown stagnant. They were questioning why... they were questioning how. Jacqueline wasn't the only one having doubts about her continued existence in Salvation, that much she knew, but there in the shadows of a towering building hope began to blossom in her core once more. 

Their work had just begun. 




"I don't care how you feel about any other organization," she spoke to the men surrounding her as the sun rose behind them in a blaze of light. "We all have disagreements, we all have our personal opinions of people and how they carry themselves. When you are with Salvation, you are to behave accordingly. We hear everything- our eyes in the city are everywhere. We are all being watched. Everything you do. Everything you say. Every choice you make reflects upon the organization as a whole and you are to conduct yourself as such. I do not ever want to hear any instance of your being disrespectful, rude, or antagonistic towards another group in public. Say what you must in private to keep your anger from boiling over but the trash talk ended the moment you donned the colors. We are not them. Understood?" 

Quiet, sincere nods were her response as a light smile tugged at the corners of her mouth before she continued. 




"We are going to start expecting far more from all of you. Messiah nearly shattered Salvation when he took the lives of one of our own but we are still here. We are still standing and we are still more dedicated than ever to the cause. When you are not working, when you are not training... I want you all to begin pairing up in groups of twos and threes. Patrol the city. The pier, the observatory, wherever you know citizens tend to gather... and I want you to watch. You are to remain in the shadows, you are to keep the spotlight off yourself. You'd be surprised at what people will say in public and knowledge is power. If you hear or see of something we can assist with... then do so. We brought you all in because we saw something in you and until you show us a reason not to, we trust in your judgment. Not all corruption requires weeks of recon and trailing. There are abhorrent acts in the city occurring hourly and it is our job to find them and to put an end to it." 

That seemed to get their attention as whispers of excitement began to filter through the group, heads bobbing more frantically and eyes shining brightly in the morning light's reflection. Command and High Command knew the task before them was daunting- their numbers had increased at staggering rates. For now, as Chase took over the meeting and Jacqueline stepped back to flicker her gaze over those gathered, she couldn't help but wonder how many of them would pass the tests in the coming weeks. 




"Do you know the man in red?" [REDACTED]'s voice whispered in her ear as she arrived at the pier to find chaos. Jacqueline shook her head, casting him a look of confusion as [REDACTED] continued. "He stabbed [REDACTED] and I earlier. Those boys in white- they yours?" 

She nodded at him, looking at some of their newest members across the way in curiosity before gaze flickered back to the man in red. "They helped me out earlier when he attacked me." Jacqueline could feel a smile flirting with the corners of her mouth at his words and she beckoned the men over. They didn't know it but they had unwittingly assisted one of her dearest friends in the city doing exactly what she'd asked them to do in their last meetings. 

"Cryptix... Crowdie... Goose... Maverick... I want you to meet my friend [REDACTED]. He is one of the people I hold most dear in this city and he is under our protection. If he ever needs help, he knows to come to us. Thank you for stepping in before you were made aware of this," Jacqueline's nose wrinkled in amusement. "Please take off your masks so we can properly introduce one another." 

After names were given, [REDACTED] nodded. "Jackie is one of the few people in this town I trust with my life. I would take a bullet for her... the offer goes both ways, gentlemen. If there is anything you need of me, do not hesitate to ask." 





"I'd like you all to meet someone," Jacqueline had given the address of their new temporary HQ to every member in the city, requesting they arrive sooner rather than later and as they all stood atop the roof a woman with vibrant red hair stood at her left. "I have known her for quite some time now and she has been an invaluable seed for months. She has fed us information, she has taken care of our people, and she has expressed interest in helping us more. Her identity must be kept secret... you may call her Cypher," she looked fondly over at her friend. "If you see her out and about, or at her place of work, you are not to acknowledge her by this name or even at all. If you know of her already and have met, then you understand why it is of the utmost importance it never becomes public knowledge she has claimed loyalty to Salvation." 

She didn't know then that less than 24 hours later, that same woman would lose her job and arrive at their HQ an official member with gifts. All she knew in that moment was Urban's identity was to be buried deeply when she was around them and as her men and women nodded in understanding, Jacqueline's gaze drifted over the city skyline. Her phone buzzed in her pocket and she inhaled sharply. 

It was just another text looking for another connection within the city. It wasn't the mysterious man nor the mysterious phrase... Jacqueline wondered when that time came, if they would be prepared. 

She felt Urban's hand on her shoulder, squeezing lightly, and she forced a smile onto her lips before tucking her phone back into her pocket. Her arms wrapped around the woman in a hug as Trevor arrived and began to catch up the troops to all that had transpired that day and she leaned in to whisper in her ear. 

"I'm really glad you're here." 





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