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Vityan Corleone.

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Born in Macedonia, Kumanovo. December 2 - 1995, and grew up in Los Angeles after a troubled childhood, Corleone's first connections with Italian mobsters (LCN) come during his teenage years, through his involvement in the MMA game. During the great depression he MMA professionally, and acted as muscle for Italian Mafia (LCN) in Los Angeles. 
In his early 20s, he began working for legendary mobster *Michael* by the early 2015y. Corleone was Allied with Others italian crews.
The Moretti Family, along with other prominent nationally ranked mobsters. In addition to traditional mob business, Corleone took adventage of the movie industry by controlling unions and through blackmail. In 2018, *Michael* was assasinated and Corleone, subsequently became the Crime Boss.

His Connections were so wide and deep that although he was brought to trail for all types of offenses, including murder, he was convicted just twice for income tax evasion.

Nicknames: Vityan Corleone.
Nationality: Macedonian.
Religion: Christian.

Heroes: My Mom.
Interests: Writings, swimming and going to the beach.

Favorite TV shows: Political Channel's C-span, CNN, TNT.

Favorite Cuisine: Thai, Japanese Food, Italian Food.
Favorite Dishes: Sea Food, All dishes.
Favorite Dessert: Chocolate ice cream.
Favorite Drink: Mc Donnals Caffe, Coca Cola.
Favorite Sport: Swimming, diving and shooting.

Fear: loss of friends.
Likes: - Fantastic views of the sun and waves.
I like to wear Jeans, sneakers and suites.





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18 hours ago, DDevastatedTV said:

I like this well played dude, Wish I could get s good back story this is very good :)


Jiimmy Pegorino 

Thanks Jimmy!

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