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Miles "Flick" Cypress - A beautifully tragic blend of loss, luck, and ambition

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Name: Miles "Flick" Cypress

Date of Birth: 9/19/1997

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Nationality: American


Miles was born in a rough city a few hours south of Los Santos. In school, he was always able to get his work done but never without stirring up some trouble. His father was a working man, a laborer. He would take whatever kind of jobs he could get, but he was best with concrete. As for his mother, she was a schoolteacher who was tragically killed in a “mistaken identity” drive-by shooting. Miles was just 11 years old. The crew that killed his mom were some young kids, just 6 years older than Miles and the hardest part was that they got away with it.

Miles had an idea of who did it. He had seen some thugs riding around on their bikes with black and red bandannas on their heads before they were old enough to drive. Word on the street quickly confirmed his suspicion.

Miles knew on the day he received the news that he would have to get his revenge. Being the oldest sibling, with just one younger brother he felt a sense of responsibility. By the age of 12 he had already made connections in the street. He was in the 6th grade when he delivered his first bag of weed for a five-dollar reward. By the next year Miles was flipping his own sacks. Some years passed, and Miles kept it low-key. He was quiet and people just assumed he was struggling with the loss of his mother. Little did they know he was plotting.

By 16 he was working with his dad doing construction work. This helped keep the IRS off his back, but this is where he picked up smoking. By 18 he had enough income to get a small apartment on the outskirts of the city. Then, at age 19 Miles finally felt like he had his head on straight and he was ready to make his move. On a cold winter night, he went to his OG and bought a “fresh out the box” Block 19 alongside a 50 pack of 9mm rounds and an after-market extended magazine. His OG advised him not to do it, but he could tell that there was no budging for Miles. His last words to him as he walked out the door with the pistol on his waist were “Hey, leave no witnesses.”. He spent the next few days on a fake social media account, stalking his prey.

The only members left in the crew were Rico, Popp, and Smooth. The word on the street was that Rico pulled the trigger on the night of Mile’s mothers’ death. After waiting patiently, one night the three members appeared on a LifeInvader Live, they were at Feathers Gentlemen’s Club, a low-key spot on the edge of town with some underrated talent. Miles knew that the guys would be staying until closing time, 2:30 a.m. Thanks to their online activity Miles already knew the exact red sedan they arrived to the club in. Around 2:00 a.m. Miles parked at the end of the one-way road that all patrons would have to use to exit. He was in a blacked-out coupe, stolen. As 2:30 a.m. rolled around Miles could hear the club being let out, it was just a matter of time.

He made sure he had everything in line, rolled down his ski mask and waited. Moments later the red sedan rolled by, he could tell it was Rico driving, Popp in the passenger seat, and Smooth in the back. He put the coupe in gear and started to trail them. He kept a safe distance and remained unnoticed. Eventually they got to a red light on an open road where Miles got the chance to pull up next to them. His mothers face in the forefront of his mind and his OG’s last words ringing in his ears, he upped the pistol. Thirty-two shots rang out in what felt like a split second, they didn’t even see it coming. Three doses of some much-needed revenge.

Miles peeled off and took the coupe to a shady automotive shop that his OG told him about. He knew that they wouldn’t say a word and that they would leave no trace of the car. His next step was to ditch the evidence and get out of town. He quickly hit up a stash house, having bagged up all the evidence, and showered. He got in his personal vehicle, a custom Gauntlet Hellfire, and took off north. His destination was the Green Triangle, the cannabis capital of the world. After a long drive he arrived safely. His OG connected him with some guy’s up north who could be trusted, and they helped Miles incinerate the evidence and encase the remains in a block of concrete destined for the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Miles spent a couple of years with these guys in the north and even convinced his OG to move too. He had to juggle some construction jobs and did some trimming work on the side but tried to keep things on the books for the most part.

Unfortunately, however, during all this commotion Miles received the news that his father had passed away from an underlying heart condition. Now Miles was truly alone. With nothing left to lose and the lingering confidence of a man who got away with a triple murder Miles decided to turn to the streets once again. He didn’t plan to hurt anyone but reminded himself that at the end of the day it’s just he, him, and himself. Almost six months after his fathers passing Miles was moving shipments of weaponry, narcotics, and counterfeits on a weekly basis. Eventually however his luck would run out.

He was pulled over one day, going 45 over. The officer immediately asked him to step out of the vehicle and when he did so a small baggie fell to the floor. It was some extra MDMA that Miles had skimmed off the top of a shipment. The officer immediately noticed and placed Miles under arrest. Miles’s mugshot was posted and at the age of 21 he received his first charge, position of a controlled substance. He decided to fight his case and got a reduced sentence of two years due to his previously clean record. He served his time and made several connections in the prison system.

The first one was the connect, a guy named “Stone” who sold him cigarettes and gave him the nickname “Flick” because of the way he would flick his butts into the cell toilet. His sentence was a time that Miles could use to do some much-needed self-reflection. By the end of his sentence Miles finally realized how reckless he had been acting. The fact that he got caught for a user amount of MDMA was nothing compared to what he could have been facing if he had been caught committing a more serious crime. Upon his release Miles discovered that the crew he was riding with up north got caught up in a RICO case and that his OG was a part of it.

With nothing and nobody left, Miles retrieved the last of the cash he had buried and decided to move to Los Santos. This was motivated by a few things; Miles loves the city and the night scene. He is also a huge fan of the car scene in the city. However, the most important factor in his move was a promise someone made to him in prison. Miles met a guy in prison who knew someone in the Los Santos County Clerk’s office that could shred his file and wipe his record clean for 35k. Knowing that having a felony charge would likely mean he would have to return to the streets this seemed like a deal.

Once he landed in the city, he dropped the cash at the location he was told and he had faith. He was instructed to stop by the Clerks office one week after dropping the cash to confirm his record had been expunged. He was to enter the building with a Double Stack Combo from Burger Shack posing as a Buber Eats driver. Upon entering a man walked out of a side office and said “Miles?”, he took the food and commented on the grease-soaked bag. He offered Miles a paper towel. Miles accepted and wiped his hands, the man looked Miles in the eyes with a more serious aura, hand extend, and said “Your hands are clean Miles, thanks again.”. As Miles stepped out of the Clerk’s office, he knew that there was no way he could ever speak a word of his past again.

Now, he intends to take the high road in Los Santos and try to be a law-abiding citizen for the first time in his adult life, but who knows what happens.


If you are reading this I hope you enjoyed the back story I wrote. I have been playing GTA RP since August of 2017 and I have never put this much effort into a character's story. The first server I played was DOJ, I probably did my best RP there, and my backstory was maybe 500 words. I intend to keep this post updated as Miles gets settled into the city. I'm yet to be approved but my primary goal here on Eclipse is to just do the most quality roleplay I can and to allow the story to play out itself without me imposing goals or expectations OOC. 

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