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Charlie Mchoe

Victor_Marke [254] | Deathmatching

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Player(s) being reported: 254 
Date of interaction reported: 25/06/2021
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1624654534

Your character name: Charlie Mchoe
Other player(s) involved: Yousef Assad

Specific rule(s) broken:

14. Deathmatch (DM)

  • Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper IC motive and interaction.
  • Prior interaction should include escalation such as a robbery or a report to the police.
  • Players may not kill victims who have complied with a plausible demand in reasonable time unless involved in severe hostile activity against them or an ally within 3 hours.
  • Players on foot should only be attempted to be hit with a vehicle once with valid motive.
  • Vehicles cannot be used as weapons in active shootouts unless where unavoidable.
  • Players must be able to explain their reason and provide proof of prior reasoning if requested.
  • If a player informs you that your VOIP isn’t working, you must either fix your VOIP using appropriate commands or use text to deliver your demand.

How did the player break the rule(s)?  (300 words maximum)
I entered the Chilliad lab, got given demands via /shout from a bush, attempted to follow them demands but got shot at seconds later. I feel like the player didn't give me any chance at all to follow his demands as I was trying to follow them but still got shot at. Not sure how he knew where I moved to but it is what it is. 

Evidence of rule breach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jaVf3MRULw

ID 254 Said he has his pov


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Hey Victor here I just checked and I dont have my POV as I forgot to record but watching the reporting parties POV it looks like I gave a great amount of time for the person to stop his car as his passenger informs him of my demands before he even flips the car round meaning if he wanted to stop and comply he would of stopped where he was and not flip a U turn in order to escape, id like to add ID 203 PMd me multiple times telling me that he 'didnt want to take this to the forums' and when I informed him I felt no rules where broken and to report if he felt a rule was broke he PMd me several more times reminding me of this report I think as a way to get his items back because he lost the gunfight. On the remark 'I dont know how he found me' I clearly follw you into your position as we just had a stand off which led you to be low and attempt to run off. Also you say that you 'intended on following my demands' yet when you turn the corner you immediately pull your gun out in order to try and take my life.

I think this is a petty report because of the reporting party losing a gunfight.

Also like to add my reasoning for the demands was not because I wanted to 'clap' him or rob him it was because we had just got into a shootout in the lab 5 minutes before and where still chopping the deads car, we assumed this was some sort of backup or response to the shootout so I wanted to make sure the two men didnt have a chance to sneak up on me and my allies.

Thanks for your time this will be the ONLY reply I make unless asked to do otherwise. 

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Thank you for submitting this player report.

This report will now be pending review by myself & @Harveyyy. During this time, we ask you to refrain from any back-and-forth in this report between players involved.


Doan & Harveyyy.

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Thank you for your patience while this report has been under review.

After reviewing this report and the evidence attached, we have decided to accept this report and issue the following punishment(s):


Victor_MarkeID 254: DM - As shown in the evidence, you shot at ID 203 (Charlie_Mchoe) and ID 257 (Yousef_Assad) after you had given demands by using /s from a hidden area. Make sure that when you give demands, they can be heard even if you don't use /s, as well as saying it when you are standing closer to your enemies so they can see you and know where you are giving demands from. Your demands were "out or die" and they were driving out of the area, and you still shot at them after they had complied to the demands.


If you have received a punishment that you disagree with, feel free to file a punishment appeal following the punishment appeal guidelines and format. If the reporting party suffered a loss greater than $25,000 in value, feel free to file a refund request following the refund request guidelines and format.

This report is now locked and archived.


Doan & Harveyyy.

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