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Sully_Adams [369] and ID 345 cheating or bug (needs further investigation)

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Required Report Format
Player(s) being reported: Sully_Adams [369] and ID 345

Date of interaction reported: 22/06/2021
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1624138816

Your character name: John_Polar
Other player(s) involved: SD

Specific rule(s) broken:

4. Hacking and Exploits

  • Players must not have mods, trainers, or any kind of software installed that gives any advantage.
  • Server bugs may not be used for advantage and must be reported on ECLIPSE Roleplay forums.

How did the player break the rule(s)?  (300 words maximum)

So I was browsing youtube and came across Sully_Adams' video since I watch his videos quite often, and I saw 2 issues in the gunfight he had with the last officer that injured him, I'm not sure if it is a bug or cheating but staff recommended me on discord to make a player report , and since I am more familiar with this kind of report I decided to do it like this. First issue I see is that from a certain point in the video (2:58) his SMG starts fabricating bullets on the stored bullets side of the bullet count, not sure if it is a bug but could be. Second issue is the officer with ID 345 was shot Multiple and I mean MULTIPLE times with different weapons and was still alive, I find this very odd.

Evidence of rule breach:


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Hi Sully Adams here let me start off by saying I've been in the community for a while now and I've always been against hackers/cheaters in an RP server it never made sense to me, so getting reported for cheating really shocked me when seeing this report. During this fight towards the end I was caught off guard with a reload animation that I didn't expect to get since I was using a Clip on an SMG which gives me 100 rounds. So I watched the ending back before making the video (4:04) and I noticed the Ammo was bugging Back into my clip for some reason causing me to reload. I then said oh well must of just been a bug and posted the video. Now watching the video back it seemed there other parts of the fight where the bullets in the main clip were getting sent to my second clip for some reason, not really sure why or if this is a known bug or not, I slowed the video down and watched, I don't think any ammo was actually gained in this bug, I believe there was just ammo being sent from the main clip to the secondary clip due to a server bug, in regards to the SD officer I was shooting, I felt like he was eating a lot of bullets so I gave him a PM asking for his footage (I never wanted to report him I was just curious on how bad the desync was because I felt like I hit him enough to go down (as well as 2 other people shooting him) So he sent the footage and we just discussed how bad the desync was and called it a day of course it was unlucky for me but in RP there's always win/loss its part of the game. I really don't know what to call this besides a server bug that I was unaware of. I have never once cheated/hacked and I feel like this was just a weird bug. If staff needs any unedited clips of this I still have it and and questions for me will happily be answered! 

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Greetings, ID 345 here. 

I will give my side of the story here. I received a call about an active shootout near the lake at North Calafia Way that involved gang members. I geared up and I went there. On arrival, there were a lot of players around the area, and the sync was really bad there. I heard shots when I entered North Calafia way and I saw Sully there with his friends and an injured deputy. I saw that all of them had heavy guns, and since I'm SED, I decided to take the fight. I pulled up and I got out of the Kamacho and pulled out my Micro SMG and the shootout happened. I managed to injure him after I emptied a bunch of mags. Again, both of the sync and my aim were really bad at that time. After I injured him, I pulled out my Marksman Rifle and I took down his friend. 

When the situation happened, he was confused about how I managed to survive after that shootout. So I got in contact with him over Discord and I sent him my POV, and we discussed it between each other and called it a day. 

Lastly, the SED gear gives 200hp, or 300hp (I'm not sure) + the original 100 hp. 

As this happened nearly 5 days ago, I don't have the unedited footage, I only have the edited one which I sent to Sully after the situation happened.




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So as I said I was more inclined to call it a bug and not cheating but since staff told me on discord to make a player report and I am more familiar with this format I decided to do this one! I am expecting a response of an admin to be "It was a bug and desync", I just wanted an investigation because it is very weird and I expected these bugs to be fixed because it gave you a disadvantage Sully.

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Thank you for your patience during this time that was spent reviewing this appeal. Following review of the provided statements and videos we have come to the conclusion to deny this player report.

We see no evidence of cheating within this report and have determined the incident to be the result of a bug. Thank you once more for bringing this to our attention and to all parties for being truthful.

Best Regards,

Head Administrator Dqniel & Administrator Aldarine


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