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ID 50 & 100 ( Player Theft )

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First Last or PlayerID (Specific Rule Broken)
ID 50 (14. Player Theft)
ID 100 (13. Player Theft)

Required Report Format
Player(s) being reported: 
ID 50 - ID 100
Date of interaction reported: 16/06/2021
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1623850659

Your character name: Eduardo Pachano
Other player(s) involved: N/A

Specific rule(s) broken: 15. Player Theft.

  • Robberies should be conducted in a realistic manner with reasonable in-character motive using secluded areas. Players should not conduct minor robberies in situations with high risk. Desert or forest areas are considered secluded but witnesses should still be considered.

How did the player break the rule(s)?  (300 words maximum)

- I was with my friend chopping a car, we saw that car pulling out with guns, and they were telling us to leave the car clearly to steal from us, I was about to leave and I accidentaly ran over him, even though it was an accident, I could do it because I had a reason to do it.

After that we saw a bike in the highway and tried to lockpick it, then they came to us at the highway, were basically there are always cops in that place, and they rob from us, they told me they had a reason to do it because I ran over him, but they actually didn´t have any reason because they were the ones who started the criminal action, not us.

He clearly did it so he could get my weapon, I don´t care actually if I lost it, but this type of people that do whatever they want only to get something from someone, shouldn´t be in the city.

Evidence of rule breach:

Sorry for the quality.



I talked to an admin before I posted it, he told me I had to do it.

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After our deliberations, we’ve concluded that this report will be denied for the following reason(s):

  • No rule breaks occured. While you were in a drug lab chopping a car, the vehicle driver stepped out and tried to rob you. You then ran over the vehicle's driver which granted him DM rights. Straight away you went down the road and began picklocking a bike whilst visible on the highway. It's only normal for the reported party to want to retaliate for you running him over. The robbery was also performed quickly and the reported party did not linger on the scene. Overall, there was more than enough motive for the robbery.

This decision is final. Unless instructed to, if you post another player report pertaining to this incident, you may be muted from posting on the forums for a temporary period. If you disagree with the outcome of this report, please file an appeal following the appeal guidelines and format.

Senior Moderator Philoop & Senior Support freshprinceIE

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