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George_Moore [ID 227] Hacking (Aimbot)

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Player(s) being reported: ID 227
Date of interaction reported: 15/06/21
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1623710873

Your characters name: Benjamin Spliff
Other player(s) involved: Goblins + Irish

Specific rule(s) broken:

4. Hacking and Exploits

  • Players must not have mods, trainers, or any kind of software installed that gives any advantage.

How did the player break the rule(s)? 
A fight happened between Goblins and Irish. As shown in my POV you can see one Goblin and one Irish fighting. ID 227 joined the fight to back his Irish friend (ID 59). In my POV you can see ID 227 clearly shooting at a Goblin (ID 35), helping out his mate. After ID 227 had shot a few shots at the Goblin, all of a sudden he locked straight onto his fellow Irish, hitting every single last shot on him.

Also a note to add. When ID 59 got injured by ID 227. He proceeds to shout ''NIGGA'' with full emphasis. I believe, in the state he's in, would not be realistic.

Evidence of rule breach: 
Proof of me telling him to save POV: https://imgur.com/gallery/CMATu2c 
Unedited footage: 

Slowed down footage: 


Screenshot of ID 277, clearly shooting at the Goblin (Before locking on to his ally): https://imgur.com/gallery/ynBsJ26

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Thank you for making this player report!

This report is pending review from myself. I will be with you shortly after further review. Please allow for slightly extended time for inquiry. Your patience at this time is much appreciated.

Best Regards,

Administrator Aldarine

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Thank you for your patience as I reviewed the report. Prior to concluding this report, I would like to hear statements from the players as specified below. 

George_Moore | ID 227 - Please explain your point of view in regard to the reported situation. As always, any video or screenshot evidence from your perspective is much appreciated.

The above-mentioned players will receive 24 hours to provide their side of the story. We look forward to hearing back from you!

Best Regards,

Administrator Aldarine

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George Moore (227) - Hey, thank you Aldarine for taking this report. I would like to give some backstory to this situation to start with. A radio call came from Mark Handley asking for backup at North Lab since he had been blocked in by a brawler. I made my way from the water treatment way and eventually got to North Lab. I then park my car behind the tree (Just about seen at 28 seconds in the reporting parts POV) afterwards I dismount and begin engaging


I immediately dismount from my car and I see another irish member shoot towards the direction of 59 (Jerry Okibi) who is an ally of mine, however at the time of the shootout I thought it was a Goblin as he was not in green and there was some distance between us. The screenshot displayed by the reporting party (https://imgur.com/gallery/ynBsJ26) isn’t accurate, this shows a bullet trail coming from the upper part of the tree (Meaning that somebody shot from the rail track) rather where I was located, which was closer to the base of the tree. 


If you slow the video down to 0.25 and go to 39 seconds (When you hear a goblin say over radio “Whos in the white drafter”) You can see a player scurry across the railway track, it’s hard to display in a screenshot however if you slow it down yourself you should be able to see them. This player is one of my allies, who I believe was the person who initially shot the Goblin at the brawler.




As soon as Jerry went down, I realised it was him. I ran towards him and apologised before moving him to a more secluded area next to a few bushes to use as concealment from any more potential Goblin aggressors and began BLS’ing him

As for the “Not missing a shot part” it’s not particularly hard to accurately engage somebody who is moving backwards and forwards, not side to side.

Overall, it wasn’t just myself and Jerry Okibi shooting said Goblins, there were 8 or so of us with 10+ people coming as backup. The POV the reporting party has displayed doesn’t even show the person who shot from the upper level of the tree, simply a bullet trail is seen. Furthermore, I believe logs would show that I did no damage to the Goblin at the brawler before shooting Jerry Okibi (59).

As I explained to the reporting party I did not have POV as my instant replay wasn’t on at the time. Once the reporting party asked for pov, I pressed my keybind and noticed it didn't save. I then pressed alt and z to realise it wasn't on, I then immediately turned it on. I have the pov of turning it on, however as I said I don’t have POV until I realised it wasn’t on.



TLDR; It wasn’t me shooting the brawler originally, it was somebody on the rail tracks. I was positioned behind the tree and accidentally shot my ally who was out of colours at the time as I thought he was a goblin (they often don’t wear colours) I then began opening fire on the brawler once it started leaving


if the goblin player at the brawler had POV, this would all be cleared up

Edited by Jorge Compass
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Thank you kindly for your patience as I reviewed this report. Following review of evidence and logs regarding the report, I will be denying this report.

With review of our anti-cheat, there were no flags of note from players involved and upon looking over damage logs there was no firing by the reported player towards people other than his accidental hit to his ally. Numerous other parties were involved in the firefight and were subsequently the reason for the injury. Along with this, there is an overall lack of evidence to further substantiate these claims.

Best Regards,

Administrator Aldarine

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