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Penny_Webb [204] - (Powergaming)

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Penny Webb (Powergaming)
Player(s) being reported: 204 - Penny Webb 
Date of interaction reported: 05/06/2021
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1622925827

Your character name: Mohammed Bajwa
Other player(s) involved: No one else was involved 

Specific rule(s) broken:

10. Powergaming (PG)

  • Powergaming is playing unfairly through not allowing other players a chance to roleplay responses and their own actions, unrealistic actions, or non-factual statements in /do.
  • Forceful commands should be used after RP or the party is unresponsive for 30 seconds.

How did the player break the rule(s)?  (300 words maximum)
I believe that the powergaming rule was broken as forceful RP commands where used without allowing me to RP my response. This is shown in the following clip of me asking to go the Lumberjack job which is a fair request to give to a taxi driver however she does /eject (without letting me RP my response and she does it forcefully aswell) on the side of the road and says she wont take me to a drug lab. After that she just drives off.

Evidence of rule breach:


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After reviewing this report and the evidence attached to it, we have decided that this report cannot be concluded at this time. We would like to receive a response from the following player(s) to explain their side of the story:

  • [@number2gk] - Penny_Webb (204) - Please explain your side of the story. In addition, please explain why it appears that according to the provided evidence a forceful command was used with no prior roleplay. Present any evidence you may have.

If the requested player(s) do not respond within 24 hours, this report will be concluded based on the evidence that has already been provided, to the best of our ability. 

DrPathetic & Yputi

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Hello i was not recording at the time... also, I was not sure if i needed to roleplay the eject since I knew the /me did itself when i did the /eject and thats my bad, I can see why it would be force RP tho because i didnt tell him i was gonna throw him out and that was my bad on that... My character was having a bad day and when his charcter said no to her she snapped and threw him out of her taxi cab because she thought he had did what she was asked and delivering him to what he said, the lumber wood job, and penny did what she was asked....

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After reviewing this report and evidence attached to it, we've decided to accept this report and issue the punishments to the following player(s):

  • Penny_Webb (204) - NonRP (Powergaming)

To explain the decision of the outcome of the report, I would like to turn your attention to the provided evidence of the reporting party.
The provided footage of the reporting party starts where it can be seen a cab, operated by ID 204, is standing on the road with the reporting party being the passenger. The reporting party informs ID 204 where he would like to be taken to. The cab turns around and after a short moment stops on the other side of the road. ID 204 says: "Here". The reporting party informs ID 204 that he would like to go "up a bit". ID 204 responds with the usage of /eject and drives forwards after executing the command.

The use of forceful commands should only be used after performing RP or when the party is unresponsive for at least 30 seconds. As seen in the provided evidence, the party was responsive and there was no RP done before /eject got used. /eject is a forceful command as it directly affects the subject without allowing any saying in the situation. Another good example of a forceful command where this would apply is /cuff. It is mentioned in the story provided by the reported party that the motivation behind the use of this forceful command was: "My character was having a bad day and when his character said no to her she snapped and threw him out of her taxi cab". This is an IC reason and does not allow the use of such forceful command. Therefor, it is decided that a NonRP (Powergaming) punishment will be given.

If you have received a punishment that you disagree with, feel free to file a punishment appeal following the punishment appeal guidelines and format. If the reporting party suffered a loss greater than $25,000 in value, feel free to file a refund request following the refund request guidelines and format. 


DrPathetic & Yputi

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