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Joe Narco

Account - Joe Savage (Ban Appeal)

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Account name: Joe Narco
Character name(s): Joe Savage, Joe Narco, Dimitri Narco

Admin who issued punishment: NobodyLTU

Date of punishment: 15/Jan/2018 18:18

Reason given for punishment: Savage/Selling in game assets for real life money.

Your explanation of what happened: Back then there was a lot of drama involving the group "Savages" logging in every day to get spammed by 3-5 people everyday, at some point i just had enough, made the mistake to sell my stuff and quit.

Why should your appeal be accepted?: I was one of the must active members on the community, that was my first Major Rule break, and it wont repeat it self.

Post any evidence or further details:N/A
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