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[Marcus_Grey 177] - NRP (Combat Logging)

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Player(s) being reported: ID177
Date of interaction reported: 29/05/21
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1622298683

Your characters name: Theodore Williams
Other player(s) involved: 

Specific rule(s) broken:


9. Non-Roleplay (NRP)

  • Players should not instigate situations they do not have time to play through. If a player is chased they must wait 15 minutes before they can log out of the game.

How did the player break the rule(s)? 
This guy stole my vehicle, we found him at garbage chop chased him down and then he logged out within the factory area. I would like to say that I no refunds are not available for less than 25k which is what this would be. Would it be possible still to remove the money from his character regardless of a refund as it doesn't seem right to keep.

Evidence of rule breach: 



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Thank you for creating this report, before conclusion we would like to ask the following players:

  • Marcus_Grey (ID 177) - Why did you disconnect from the server during an active roleplay scenario? Why did you utilize a vehicle obtained via a scripted job (Stockade; money transporter job) to transport yourself to a vehicle which you then stole, utilizing a scripted job vehicle outside of its intended purpose? Prior to the interaction with the vehicle of the reporting party, why did you spam the "Use" option on several vehicles located in the No Crime Zone of the Police Department? 
  • Theodore_Williams (ID 190) - @Destuin - Could you please explain the choice to punch the reported player after they had attempted to run away on foot?

Please submit your responses within 24 hours along with any evidence you might have. Otherwise the report will be concluded based on the evidence provided.


vuki & Pazz

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As you can see in the video the guy I was with had shouted at him to show his hands, as he had just finished chopping my car after stealing it, so I was trying to bring him down. I thought I would have rights in this scenario?

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After reviewing this report and evidence attached to it, we've decided to accept this report. To elaborate on the situation, Marcus was doing his job, driving his money truck and delivering cash when he spotted a vehicle owned by Theodore, this is where Marcus abandoned his work vehicle, which would realistically have lots of money and definitely lose him his job. To instead lockpick and drive Theodores vehicle to the chop shop. This is where he is met with the car owner and his friend who try to beat him for his money back. The reason why the punch isn't the correct thing to do here is because you still technically do not have the DM rights, but given the context of the situation we will allow it. In future occasions try to be a bit more intimidating and initiate some roleplay using a /me with the crowbar perhaps; This is when Marcus starts running, he outruns the reporting party and would have probably lost him, but instead of doing so he chose to log off and completely avoid any potential roleplay for unknown reasons. 

Marcus_Grey | Combat Logging - Disconnecting from an active RP situation for benefit

Marcus_Grey | NonRP Warning - Misuse of scripted work vehicles.

If any of the involved parties disagree with the outcome of the report, please feel free to file a decision appeal! 

vuki & Pazz

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