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Selena_Boyer ID 129 [Combat Log]

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Player(s) being reported: Selena_Boyer ID 129
Date of interaction reported: 28/MAY/2021.
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1622181226

Your character name: Mitchell_Phillips
Other player(s) involved: Joe_Riggy

Specific rule(s) broken:

  • If a crash / disconnect occurs, players must post in the crash reports discord channel and contact all parties to resume. Players reconnecting must be given all opportunities held prior.
  • Players should not instigate situations they do not have time to play through. If a player is chased they must wait 15 minutes before they can log out of the game.

How did the player break the rule(s)?  (300 words maximum)
We responded to a robbery at the further Chumash Store and when they were done robbing, they ran out down onto the beach. The other officer ended up tasing 129 and held them at taser point where I was able to go behind them and rp cuffing them. As seen on the photo, they didn't respond to the rp and disconnected. We posted in crash reports and waited 15 minutes but no response or return.

Evidence of rule breach:


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Hi , Selena Boyer here , basically my internet went down for some reason and as well my pc is slow and multiple times during game is lagging me and crashing me , which got me disconnected from the server and it took time to get back , i couldn't even post in crash report channel in discord , but i am ready to resume RP whenever we are both ingame , wasn't my purpose to combat log it wasn't up to me, i didn't mean to combat log at all. Kind regards Selena Boyer.


Edited by Ariina
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@Ariina please explain why you did not make any effort to resume roleplay when you returned from the disconnection.

Please also explain why you are using the In-Character phone to message another player OOC information while also stating stating "i didnt got arrested i manage to escape btw".

You have 24 hours to respond.

- MrSilky

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When i came back after trying to connect myself to the server, no one was there anymore, since i'm new to the  GTA RP, i didn't knew howsoever what i should do after that, i didn't knew where to go, wasn't my intention in any form to break any rule, i try to learn how everything works, i didn't knew if your internet stops working and somehow you get disconnected ( because internet problems) from the server will get you in any problem, as i said i'm willing to resume RP whenever we both ingame. 


As for the other player i only said; i didn't got arrested i manage to escape btw because ooc my internet failed and i crashed, i didn't knew was against of any rule as i said above i'm new to the game and i'm learning about it, i didn't mean to break any rule at all, if i knew i needed to make effort when i was back of course i would do that, that's why i'm trying to explain myself, my actions in the game, wasn't to break the rules at all, as i said i'm new to the GTA RP. i didn't knew the phone is IC even if you put ooc. If i knew i would not have said that. I'm truly sorry if this misunderstanding looked like i was breaking the server rules, if i get another chance, for sure I'll be careful about all the rules, wasn't intentional at all this situation, if someone was there when i came back after internet was again back i would made all the efforts to RP as i'm willing to do so. 


I'm sorry if i made any mistake after i came back on the server, i enjoy playing RP and in the future as i said for sure i won't break any rule howsoever, as for my internet i cannot control the situation, is not my fault about the internet connection as i do not manage it in any type form, as is not up to me, it can take 30  minutes even 2 hours for the connnection to come back of the internet, and about the IC phone, for sure it only will remain from now on IC, i'm learning and hoping i get a chance as i'm new to this and willing to learn and respect all the rules in the future.

I'm sorry for my english, for any grammatical mistakes, is not my first language, if is any misunderstanding about the situation.


Thank you.

Edited by Ariina
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Thank you for your patience as I concluded this report.

Player Selena_Boyer will receive a punishment for Combat Logging.

I appreciate the sentiment above that you are now ready to resume RP, but sadly too much time has passed since and as such the initial RP situation has been completely altered. Per the rules, If a crash / disconnect occurs, players must post in the crash reports discord channel and contact all parties to resume. I appreciate that you didn't have the ability to post in Discord, but when you reconnected, you should have done all you could to resume the RP not text your friends that you escaped and wanted to discuss your cut of the robbery.

Furthermore, you will receive a warning for Metagaming. I understand that you did not fully understand about the phone and I trust that this warning will educate you accordingly.

If you disagree, you are free to create a decision appeal.

- MrSilky.

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