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Micah Connor

Jonathan_Willowick [ID 50], Jimmy_Hammels [ID 45], Joe_Riggy [ID 74], Malik_Ebeid [ID 149], Tom_Ardizzo [ID 57] - Ruleplaying, IC and OOC mixing, NRP, Powergaming

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(I will apologize in advance. This report will be rather lengthy, and the evidence attached will be rather lengthy. I will give a very brief summary of the scenario and then break down what exactly I am reporting)


Player(s) being reported:  ID 50, ID 45, ID 74, ID 149
Date of interaction reported: 27/May/2021
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1548003445

Your character’s name: Micah Connor

Other player(s) involved: 

Specific rule(s) broken:

6. Ruleplaying

·         Purposefully using, manipulating or interpreting rules or rulings falsely or outside of its intention, in an unrealistic or unintended way that does not constitute quality or realistic RP standards

7. IC and OOC interactions / Mixing

  • Text chat, VOIP, radio, phone and commands like /ME or /do are for IC content only.

9. Non-Roleplay (NRP)

  • Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay.

10. Powergaming (PG)

  • Powergaming is playing unfairly through not allowing other players a chance to roleplay responses and their own actions, unrealistic actions, or non-factual statements in /do


How did the player break the rule(s)? 

So much happened that I cannot fit into 300 words. So, I will time stamp what I believe to be rule breaks. If I need to further elaborate, I would love to. Entirely I feel was very poorly RP’d by PD. The actions displayed by PD through OOC, and IC were those of someone that is not here to RP. The poor quality roleplay was just unbearable in this scenario. I get not everyone will be super in depth with RP but if they do not want to be they shouldn’t disallow me to do so.  

Clip Report 1 00:50: – ID 57 Threatening to force role play through OOC when I am typing my response.

Clip  Report 1 03:40 – 04:49:  ID 50 is mixing OOC and IC, NRP, and ruleplaying. He was belittling my RP in VOIP, NRP walking away from an active restraint to belittle my RP, and ruleplaying by threatening me with a report to alter my RP.

Entire clip report 1: ID 50, ID 45, ID 74 conducting serious NRP by not searching me to get the scenario over with leading to me having an accessible firearm in the police cruiser and my RP being voided due to “script”.

Clip report 2 03:21 : ID 74 Mixing OOC and IC by belittling my RP in VOIP.

Clip report 3 01:09: ID 45 powergaming by not allowing me to respond to his RP before going to the next.

Clip Report 4 02:47: ID 45 powergaming by stating in OOC that the “RP is done”.

Clip Report 4 03:32-6:28: ID 45, ID 74 ID 50 and ID 149 NRP denying my role play of me being injured. Allowing me to lay there and in a realistic situation, die.

Clip Report 5 07:56: ID 50 ruleplaying threatening me with a report.

Clip report 6 00:35: ID 149 stated he was not a doctor, and I was needing the care of the doctor and ID 50, ID 74, ID 45 essentially said “oh well” and ended the RP.


Evidence of rule breach: 

Clip Report 1 https://streamable.com/8c4mnz

Clip Report 2 https://streamable.com/dopzgt

Clip Report 3 https://streamable.com/y83bq9

Clip Report 4 https://streamable.com/3zm6bq

Clip Report 5 https://streamable.com/51dfz6

Clip Report 6 https://streamable.com/dy564q

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I would like to point out to elaborate really quickly on my "not here to role play" accusation. Through out the entirety of the scenario it was evident that the parties involved werent even reading my RP. There responses didnt align with what I was saying on numerous occasions which is where I believe their "powergaming" threats came from because I was simply responding to their RP with a realistic counter of my own. but their comments of what im doing isnt relatable to what I put in /me and /do. 

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Hello, ID 45, Jimmy Hammels here, 

This whole situation is a complete mess, I am truly sorry to the senior staff member who will have to deal with this.

The main problem here was mixing IC and OOC in the report. In terms of the RP decisions made, they were made from an In Character standpoint. @Aldarine was even there earlier in the interaction, having a discussion about the whole weapon thing. The IC decision was made to not search him until we arrived at DOC, and the IC decision was made to focus on searching him even as he apparently hit head so hard on the way out that he had life threatening injuries... from hitting his head on a car.


In regards to what happened prior, there was a whole lot of time struggling. Sure the dice was bad, but there was also 2-4 officers trying to handle the guy, and it makes no sense that he would win the standoff. The rules for dicing are incredibly unclear, and people just use whatever they feel like as dice results. Should the other officers not have a chance to dice too?


In regards to the gun, once again I believe it is fully in character. During our handling of the man, if a gun was tucked in his wasteband like he eventually RP'd, we would have felt it. Possibly important to note that he was in a lay down anim, and the bottom of his character model was clipping through the ground, which may have added to us not being able to see it, and SCRIPTLY frisk to take it.


The worst part is that Micah is dragging the medic into it too. As soon as he was on the floor and the extra bleeding was noticed, MD was called. You cannot force people to engage in a certain type of RP, and the medic was not trained in that RP as he expressed. The EMT was only following what he was trained, and what PD told him to do. He respectfully denied engaging in the RP.


At the end of the day, this was an RP scenario that took almost an hour, and that was just from me arriving on the scene. Tensions were flaring, everyone was frustrated and bored because of all the little things that were happening. Nothing personal here, but I don't believe there is any merit for an OOC report.


Thank you once again to the handler of this!

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was also 2-4 officers trying to handle the guy, and it makes no sense that he would win the stand
There was never a winning moment in that         scenario. I never tried to run, I never even tried to assault an officer other than once at DOC. My role play was simply resisting arrest. Non of my /do’s or /me’s were unrealistic. It is your responsibility to think of different more in depth ways of RP to respond to the scenario. 

Tensions were flaring, everyone was frustrated andbored because of all the little things that were happening.

Further supports my claim that they were not here to RP. They let their OOC emotions negatively effect the RP scenario and led to them denying me my ability to have in depth role play. 

The IC decision was made to not search him until we arrived at DOC, and the IC decision was made to focus on searching him even as he apparently hit head so hard on the way out that he had lifethreatening injuries... from hitting his head on a car.

Hands bound behind back, officers have control of legs, and RP’d “forcefully yanked out of the vehicle” in what real life scenario are you being yanked out of a vehicle with no extremities to brace your fall and not have the potential to be injuries? You are role playing a police officer, a public servant. In what real life scenario is searching the individual a priority over a life threatening injury? And it escalated to life threatening because no one tended to the injury. The officers knew that I could not “RP Dying” so decided not to engage in the role play because they were tired of the situation. 

“Micah is dragging the medic into it too.“

Because I was not scriptly injured in game he was involved in the NRP in caring for my life, he is too concerned with asking the other officers about a helo pilot instead of treating my RP’d escalated life threatening injuries. Nothing to do with him not RPing the scenario in the med bay. He is included in that section due to him stating I needed a doctor to help and PD’s reaction was oh well instead of going in depth and resolving the situation. Again just poor quality RP.  


@vel0citay this report is strictly on the poor quality of role play conducted and the numerous attempts of denying me my in-depth role play because you were done with the RP and uninterested in the RP scenario. 

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Hello, ID 50 here! - I will be waiting for the Senior Admin for any questions they have for me. I'd just like to add a few things to the report.

After RPing with Micah multiple times with 2, then 3, followed by 4 officers trying to restrain him, and being responded back to with things of the nature of "/me interlocks his fingers and sits on them" and thinking that 3 an 4 grown men and trained officers of the law can't grab his arms and pull them behind his back, all after getting into a car accident and being tazed, it was mentioned that he was powergaming and that I may report over it. I never bothered to put the report in on it, but since we are here, that it what I was talking about when the officer pulls up and I mention that us officers can't get his arms behind his back, and asked him for more help. That was the RP that was given to me, so that was the RP I talked about to the officer.

During the transport he attempted to do some Alt RP and, while cuffed, pull out his firearm and turn around, and start firing randomly. An admin came to the scene, and his RP was deemed alt RP as you can't scriptly fire a scripted weapon while being handcuffed, and denied/voided.

While at DOC, and again multiple officers pulling a cuffed man out of the back seat, he somehow decides his own unscripted alt RP again by somehow deciding that he was thrown onto the ground, and his head is massivly injured to the point where he is dying, and the trained medical staff, at a medical facility cannot help him. As we were unable to pause the RP ourselves, we went with his Alt RP that he made. Odd how he wasn't so injured after crashing his car at top speed in a police chase, seemed pretty fit then wrestling off 4 officers after being tazed. In my opinion, he is ruleplaying too.

A lot of the things he is claiming are IC issues, the frisk, being unconscious and searched, the medical procedures, all taken care of IC. The medic did what he could and cleared him, as he wasn't the "right" doctor for his vast medical needs from the alt RP. The entire scene was about 1 and a half hours of this man going into OOC constantly, non-rp, powergaming and ruleplaying in my opinion. Our RP logs will show this as well. His OOC attitude of telling people to "be better" and how to do their jobs correctly was pretty bad as well. I won't be responding to any response from him, as he is clearly just here to argue.


Edited by Willowick
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Since the admin encounter wants to be brought up. While the admin came to void the scenario she also commended the role play for how in depth it was and the only reason it was voided was because yes it was against “script” and I need authorization / permission to do so and she did not have that proper authority to do grant permission. 

so no my RP was not bad or unrealistic but voided due to a technicality. 

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Hello I am Joe Riggy (id 74) I am going to post my side of the story to help whichever senior admin+ takes it.

On 5/27/2021 at 3:37 AM, Micah Connor said:

Entire clip report 1: ID 50, ID 45, ID 74 conducting serious NRP by not searching me to get the scenario over with leading to me having an accessible firearm in the police cruiser and my RP being voided due to “script”.


This is an ic issue that we did not search you. We had to get Aldraine involved due to the amount of unrealistic rp that was coming from yourself. Not to mention that you crashed at high speeds into a barrier and then thought it was ok to try and scale a mountain.

You are not able to break scripts unless approved by senior admin+. Which is what you were trying to do. Multiple times. 


On 5/27/2021 at 3:37 AM, Micah Connor said:

Clip report 2 03:21 : ID 74 Mixing OOC and IC by belittling my RP in VOIP.

This was unintentional. I was complaining to myself as I was trying to go bed as it was getting kinda late and there were no other units on. Anyway I was complaining about the repetitiveness of people trying to resist and still get caught. Almost wasting our time. Also nothing of which I said related to your rp.


On 5/27/2021 at 3:37 AM, Micah Connor said:

Clip Report 4 03:32-6:28: ID 45, ID 74 ID 50 and ID 149 NRP denying my role play of me being injured. Allowing me to lay there and in a realistic situation, die.

We don't have doctors and EMTs are as close as we are going to get on the server at this point in time. We got to a point in the rp that we felt comfortable handing it over to DOC to finish their part. DOC medbay is equivalent to a hospital. We tried to explain it to you and you refused to listen to us. I am barely CPR/Firstaid trained in real life. So I know every basic medical skill. The same goes for the rest of the people on this scene. We only know so much oocly that we can bring into role play better. 

Overall there were no rules broken from our side . We had given you a fair chance to rp at every point. Your rp became unrealistic. Also you kept going in to /b throughout all of this. Even when we asked you to stop you repeatedly went into it.

And lastly I am going to touch on your ooc toxicity throughout this interaction. Trying to shit on people's role play in unacceptable. In addition, trying to state that we are not here to rp is wrong and highly uncalled for. As said above we gave you an equal opportunity to rp. Even if it meant that you were doing unrealistic things like resisting putting on cuffs when there are four (4) officers trying to put them on you. 


Also I am going to link image of what you sent to @Willowick which are complete unacceptable. They only lead to more toxicity and hatred in the community






I will not comment again unless asked upon by what ever staff member takes it.

Edited by IAmTurtle
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Thank you for your patience while we review this report. We appreciate all evidence and statements presented thus far and will be with you upon further review and conclusion.

Report locked pending conclusion.

Best Regards,

Head Administrator @Dqniel Administrator Aldarine

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Thank you kindly for your patience as we reviewed this report. Following significant review of evidence and provided statements as well as extended conversation regarding the report, we will be concluding this report as follows:

Player Tom_Ardizzo will receive a verbal warning for the reported incident.

Player Jimmy_Hammels will receive a verbal warning for the reported incident.

To appropriately address the rationale for the first verbal warning, I would like to turn your attention to the first clip provided by the reporting player. Within this clip at the approximate timestamp of 1:28, the office on scene attempting to cuff the reporting player stated via OOC chat that roleplay will be forced shortly if there is no response. I would like to now turn your attention to the actual powergaming rules which state the circumstances at which time roleplay can be forced. Within the rules it states, "Forceful commands should be used after RP or the party is unresponsive for 30 seconds." This note of being completely unresponsive means that the player cannot be typing and it was very clear that the player was in the process of responding to roleplay and thinking about descriptors of actions they want to do. Comments such as this should be reserved for moments when a player is stationary, not typing or completely ignoring what is taking place in a situation as opposed to using it as a way to potentially hurry somebody along with their roleplay.

The details for the second warning can be seen in the 4th clip provided. At the approximate timestamp of 0:35 roleplay was done by ID 45 in attempts to grab the man in the cruiser. At 1:02, another /me was done with the combination of 3 total actions - pulling the man out the cruiser, throwing him against a wall and starting a frisk. At no point in time was the player allowed the opportunity to respond to the roleplay before said actions were being done. The reporting player states that they were not given the opportunity to respond and then completes their response to the first /me to which the response from ID 45 is RP is done. It is unacceptable on all levels to deny somebody the opportunity to roleplay a response and just brush it off with a statement basically telling them that the roleplay in that situation is finished. Regardless of any feelings about a situation, all players are expected to allow one another to roleplay responses and one does not simply get to decide that something is done and somebody else cannot respond.

We encourage all players to take the above warnings seriously as continued actions such as these can lead to further punishments. It is expected that all players remain in character at all times, refrain from going OOC in excess and contribute to a positive environment all around.

Best Regards,

Head Administrator @Dqniel Administrator Aldarine

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